The Best Jacket Visuals of 2020

The Jacket has collected the images our photographers and illustrators are most proud of, either in their style or their representation of 2020.

Ana Jacob

Andrew Huang

Lily Schouten

Zoe Tseng

Raphael Barboza

Nate Poremba

Maralina Caldas

Isabella Tasso

Rowan Kennedy

Konani Chinn

J Horsley

Beatrix Shelton

Jesse Cull

Rebecca Birenbam

Melia Kenny

Stella Rossi

Mila King

Nina Parry-Franklin

Laila Diaz

Loulou Zeigler

Nico Orgain

Poppy Chambers

Maia Hadler

Jocelyn Chamu

Saylor Cole

Nina Parry-Franklin

Maylin Armitage

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