Bell Schedule

Staff Meeting8:00-9:3090 Minutes
First Period9:57-10:4043 Minutes
Second Period10:46-11:3443+4 Minutes
Third Period11:40-12:2343 Minutes
Lunch12:24-1:0440 Minutes
Fourth Period1:09-1:5243 Minutes
Fifth Period1:58-2:4143 Minutes
Sixth Period2:47-3:3043 Minutes
Seventh Period3:36-4:1943 Minutes
Zero Period7:23-8:2158 Minutes
First Period8:27-9:2558 Minutes
Second Period9:31-10:3458+5 Minutes
Third Period10:40-11:3858 Minutes
Lunch11:38-12:1840 Minutes
Fourth Period12:24-1:2258 Minutes
Fifth Period1:28-2:2658 Minutes
Sixth Period2:32-3:3058 Minutes
Seventh Period3:36-4:3458 Minutes

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