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Healy is a doctor. What do doctors do in their free time? They write genre-bending songs. Healy, a 25 year old hailing from Memphis, Tennessee writes like no other. It’s hard to overlook his intellect when you listen to his synaesthetic songs that paint his city and his family.

Healy’s debut album, A Galaxy With Skin came out in 2015. The twelve song album begins with “Phantoms.” In the opener of the album, he sings about battling his atoms because “we’re all seven minutes from heaven.” In “$150 / roll widdit,” he writes about rolling with the punches, singing, “small sh*t take my mellow / my lucky charms ain’t got enough marshmallows.” In his calming track, “Life Like,” he sings about stopping time after he “might commit some crime today.” He fills “Montana” with classic Healy puns like “if faith is cape then I’m Clark Kent” in reference to Superman, and a reference to an episode of The Office when he sings “start a fire / it was Ryan.” He also throws in a reference to Dragon Ball Z’s Goku (whose full name is Kakarot) when he says “but I still go cool / like Kakarot” as he rhymes ‘go cool’ with Goku. In “The Iambic Cleaning Song,” he writes about how it’s “11:30 / couch is dirty / well at least it got my back.” Of course it’s written in an iambic writing pattern. In “Suite: Virginia” he talks about his perpetual feelings of sadness, writing “it’s always raining in my head / puddles sloshing, holes in my galoshes.” In the final song, “Galaxy With Skin,” he brings in his doctor knowledge, singing “these drugs will hurt your hippocampus / man it’s cool, at least I’m hip on campus” about the part of the brain that’s affected when someone takes drugs.

In 2017 he released his sophomore album Subluxe. In “Reckless” he writes about his summers in high school that consisted of “summer feet, cobblestone / momma leave, home alone / on my feet, Chuckie T’s / on my sleeve, corazón,” much like his song “Build” where he talks about his love for his hometown of Memphis, singing “you have to give back to what gave you life.” He remembers how the city used to sing to him, “train whistle harmony with it” and how “the neighborhood drew me a rainbow.” In “Butternut” he writes about failed relationships, singing “take off your cover up / full moons have dark sides too.” In “No Vacation / Outside” he adds,“imma bring flame to matches / rolling stones to mosses / a fame to average / and a tape to the cautious.” “Dem My Dogs,” an homage to his loved ones, focuses on the killing of friends of by police, singing “and the police killin’ dreams / why they gotta pull they weapons / imma see my friends soon ‘cause all dogs go to heaven.” He writes about his parents in “Python,” singing “new skin like a python / spitting image of my mom, and my daddy too” as well as explaining that “momma made me straight from scratch / homemade, homegrown, homebody stay attached.” He asks the important questions in “Grape Soda,” wondering “where do my spoons go? / where does the moon go?” He often features regular sounds in the background of his music, like taking out the trash and washing dishes, which adds an intimacy to his already emotionally packed songs. In that same interview, the host tells Healy “you’re my favorite person.” Anyone who has ever listened to him definitely agrees.