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Kai Teigen

Small World: Democracy in Kyrgyzstan

A glimpse into a country’s quickly developing dictatorship may reveal crucial warning signs about the state of our own democracy.

Eric Soto

What is Quantum Teleportation?

California Institute of Technology, Fermilab, and NASA scientists have achieved quantum teleportation over a 44 kilometers distance with a 90 percent accuracy rate — but what is quantum teleportation, and why is it important?

Leila Yokoyama

Notable Pieces of Classical Music

Tthere are a few pieces of music that I always come back to because of their immense beauty or jolting manner.

Alec Westland-Hurwitz

‘Ain’t Too Proud: The Life and Times of The Temptations’ Is a Classic Jukebox Musical

This musical's unique soundtrack and high-quality acting captures the audience’s attention.

Leila Yokoyama

The Simplified History of Classical Music

How the thinkings of the times shaped each era of classical music.

Alec Westland-Hurwitz

‘White Christmas’: A Holiday Musical Must-Watch

Michael Curtiz’s 'White Christmas' is a musical film that highlights the acting, singing, and dancing skills of the phenomenal cast.

Black Student Union

BHS’s Black Student Union During the Pandemic

By using social media platforms, the BSU wants to expand and engage the BHS community so that students have a set foundation for making change.

BHS Zero Waste

Meet the BHS Zero Waste Club

The climate change focused club aims to inspire action on an individual and local level.

Luce Collymore Abbas

Incorporating People With Disabilities Into the Fashion Industry

Aaron Philip represents a variety of identities, and has inspired people around the world.

Leila Yokoyama

The Importance of Music Teachers

Music teachers often get a bad reputation, yet they play an important role in spreading the joy of music.

Alec Westland-Hurwitz

‘13: The Musical’ Bestows Opportunities for Youth Actors to Thrive

The Broadway production '13: The Musical' is one of the few successful musicals that offers teenage roles. The show both contains a challenging vocal score and encompasses life as a teenager.

Liko Smith-Doo

Queer American History: Albert Cashier

Cashier served in the Civil War long before widespread transgender acceptance.

Ruby Lim-Moreno

Transgender Day of Remembrance

The Transgender Day of Remembrance, which took place on November 20, served as a day to honor and celebrate the lives of the transgender people killed over the past year.

Liko Smith-Doo

Uniting a Broken Nation

With the Trump presidency coming to a close, it is important we take steps like prioritizing truth over marketability in order to restore decency and dignity to our country.

Luce Collymore Abbas

Inclusivity in Fashion

Beyoncé’s request to be photographed by Black photographers has contributed to the creation of more inclusivity in the fashion industry, but rigid beauty standards still hinder many.

Edwin Sol Aranda

Día de los Muertos

Leila Yokoyama

Music in the Darkest of Times: the Work of Shostakovich

The composer Dmitri Shostakovich is a stunning example of how music can be a resistance that speaks more than words themselves.

Alec Westland-Hurwitz

‘Ragtime’, an Artistic Masterpiece, Touches on Topics Still Prevalent Today

The musical Ragtime explores contemporary themes such as racism and xenophobia, while also being set during the early 20th century.