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BHS Celebrates National Coming Out Day

The hallways are crowded, students pressing in from all sides. It feels claustrophobic at times. Even in such an accepting community, it can even feel unsafe. With the help of the Gender Sexuality Alliance, the GSA, Berkeley High is becoming more and more inclusive each day.
In early October, the GSA was selling t-shirts in the C-gallery to promote National Coming Out Day, which took place October 11. The shirts that they offered had different messages, one for members of the LGBT+ community with the word “Out,” and one for allies that said “It’s All Good.” The shirts were offered in a variety of colors, to represent many of the different flags for different identities from the gay rainbow to the pansexual pink, yellow, and blue.
They sold the shirts to raise awareness for National Coming Out Day. “It’s a holiday for people to come out. Things like ‘when do I tell people?’”said GSA co-president Lily Weiner-Mock.
The t-shirt stand has been happening for the past two years. “We donate all the money to the Castro Youth Housing Initiative, which helps LGBTQA+ homeless youth,” Weiner-Mock said.
It’s one of the many events that the club has to help the LGBT+ community. “In the few meetings I’ve been to there have already been discussions of gender-neutral bathrooms, fundraising for LGBTQ youth, and a memorial for trans youth suicides,” said Alix Abrahams, a newer freshman member of the GSA. Some teachers participated in the event, letting students know that they had their support.
“It feels good to see people wearing ‘It’s All Good’ shirts. It feels like a community,” said Weiner-Mock.
On the actual National Coming Out Day, some students wore the shirts they bought. The GSA succeeded in their goals to bring students together to be themselves. Even the administration acknowledged the holiday and announced it during morning announcements. They made sure everyone knew to respect all identities.
Through days like Coming Out Day at Berkeley High, the GSA is working towards making Berkeley High a more inclusive school for all. Even on days when students don’t wear the OUT shirts, campus should remain a safe place for LGBT+ students.