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What Will America Decide?

America has never seen anything like it. We are four days away from one of the most frustrating and controversial elections in US history, wrapping up a campaign season that has been filled with continuous fact-checking, emails  and references to “bad hombres.” From proposed walls across the US-Mexico border to large-scale FBI investigations, the 2016 election will change the precedent for U.S. elections, though just how is yet to be seen. November 8 should not just be regarded as the day our next president is chosen; there are many local elections and propositions that could have significant impact on our citizens. Whether you are voting or simply observing this historic process, we hope you enjoy this issue’s election theme.

In honor of the election, this issue of the Jacket is focused on politics, political opinions of BHS students, and an overview of election coverage.  Turn to page 14 for BHS students’ opinions of the election thus far.