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What Can We Look Forward to With Donald Trump as the 45th President?

Chances are, you’re also dreading January 20, the day Donald Trump becomes our president for the next four years. But rather than looking at the negatives, we should focus on some postive outlooks for his presidency. Although we mainly hear about the negatives in Trump’s leadership, there are some positives relating to the USA’s economic growth. With Trump as our president, the US economy will benefit and is expected to grow by 3 percent according to Gregory Daco, head of US macroeconomics at Oxford Economics, through his plan for an increase in infrastructure. This plan will create more jobs and tax reductions.

During the election, Trump promised to spend a large amount on programs that would create many jobs in sectors like construction and steel manufacturing. During Trump’s victory speech he spoke a lot about the increase of infrastructure he was going to create and said, “ We’re going to rebuild our infrastructure, which will become, by the way, second to none. And we will put millions of our people to work as we rebuild it.” Hopefully, with Trump we will see an increase in employment across the country.

It is said that Trump has advocated for less regulation in many aspects. Donald Trump has explained that a component of his plan for deregulation is to completely eliminate wasteful and unnecessary regulations that kill jobs and do not improve public safety. In order to find what regulations fall under the category of wasteful and unnecessary, Trump plans on asking the heads of all department to submit a list that will reflect their perspective.

Additionally, he has proposed a ban for coal mining permits on The Department of Interior, which will put tens of thousands of coal miners out of work. This is another example of Trump potentially encouraging job growth for average Americans.

Donald Trump’s victory was a shock to most of us. Personally, his win has opened my eyes to the issues we face as a nation. The fact that Donald Trump shares the same values with almost 50 percent of people across the country like the discrimination of people because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation screams to me that we as a nation need to evolve. Having Trump run for president has revealed what a little under half of America believes in and has shown that we haven’t changed as much as we thought.

Instead of hating that Donald Trump has become our president, we need to use that hatred to inspire people to create change in our country so that everyone can feel safe, no matter where you come from, what race you are, or what gender you identify with. Setting aside the economic growth Trump has promised, the biggest positive of Trump’s presidency is that it will hopefully bring people together to fight for what they believe it.

We saw the leadership during the BHS walkout and will hopefully continue to experience that in the years to come. As we face the next four years, we need to focus on striving for progress as a nation rather than advocating hatred that will not evoke change.

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