Jerome Paulos

Climate Strike


“You will die from old age, I will die from climate change” Jerome Paulos On September 20th, 2019, about 8,000 climate activists rallied in Downtown San Francisco to demand climate action from political leaders.



By Clara Mizock Berkeley High School class of 2019, your time here has finally come to an end. I’m sure you’re excited to begin the next chapter of your lives and leave your high school years behind, but we won’t be forgetting you any time soon.

U9 Could Be Exactly What Students Need


This year at a Berkeley High School, every freshman has found themselves a guinea pig in an experiment called the Universal 9th Grade. Instead of going directly into Small Learning Communities, the class of 2022 spent its freshman year split up into seven different core classes called “hives.” Every student learns the

Student Candidate Breaks into Over 550 Emails, Votes for Self


On Monday, March 25, two candidates were disqualified from the Berkeley High School Associated Student Body election under suspicion of logging into over 550 student emails and voting for themselves.

BHS Safety Officer’s Hidden Talent Shines


Albert Alves, a Berkeley High School safety officer who is usually stationed at the A-Gate, has a passion not many people know about — he loves to draw.

Behind the Scenes


Behind the Scenes Photo Story by Jerome Paulos San Francisco USPS Network Distribution Center 2501 Rydin Road, Richmond, California “Everyone just sees that postman out on the street delivering the mail, people don’t see us on the inside doing the work.” – Ken Ken has worked at the USPS for more than 30 years.

Afro-Haitian Show Dazzles With Variety


The Berkeley High School African American Studies Department celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. It was accompanied by the annual Afro-Haitian dance performance, a lively event showcasing BHS students and acting as a public testament to the department’s success.

School Board Profile: Ty Alper


Photograph by Jerome Paulos Ty Alper is one of five directors of the School Board of Berkeley Unified School District. During his time on the school board, he has supported universal ninth grade, the expansion of Career and Technical Education programs at Berkeley High School, and the implementation of restorative discipline in

Students in Berkeley High School

Dance Production Innovates With 2020 Winter Performance


Flashing lights, loud music, and cheers filled the Berkeley High School’s Florence Schwimley Little Theater on January 10, 11, 17, and 18. Dancers rushed the stage and flooded the room with their energy and emotion.