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April 1, 2020
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Girls’ Basketball Starts New Era

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Senior Dionie Hall shoots the ball in a game on February 14 against Bishop O'Dowd.

The Berkeley High School (BHS) girls’ varsity basketball season has come to a close, and with it, both accomplishments and goals for the future. Although the team finished with a 11-15 record overall, these mediocre results failed to reflect the team’s skill and hard work throughout the season. Last year the team ended with a record of 19-8.

In recent history, the team has been plagued by a lack of chemistry and player relationships, often leading to complications both on and off the court. This was far from the case this season. The team all got along with each other, and the players were able to use their chemistry to learn and grow together as a whole team. This chemistry will no doubt become one of the leading factors in this team’s future success and growth as a unit.

Even with the team’s success not necessarily translating into their record, junior captain Jada McDonald said that the best highlights from the season “were getting to play some of our games with 100% effort; even though we didn’t always win, we knew we did our best and we learned from the experience.” Being able to persevere and build off of adversity is essential to improvement down the line, and it appears as if the team has mastered this quality. 

In many ways, this year has served as a turning point for the varsity team, allowing them to build off of both their individual skills and collective contributions to the common goal. 

This year the team was able to accomplish their goal of “having fun and getting past every obstacle that was thrown at [them]”, and this has no doubt put them in a position to succeed in the coming years. In future seasons, the team hopes to make it further into playoffs, as well as continuing to grow their basketball skills and relationships with one another.


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Senior Dionie Hall shoots the ball in a game on February 14 against Bishop O'Dowd.

Image by Mila King


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