BHS Students Flex Their Athletic Prowess

At Berkeley High School (BHS), there are many students who commit much of their time to playing sports. Some of those students decide to go beyond and continue to play in college.  

Lacrosse star Ty Delaney will first attend Onondaga Community College and then head to Albany University in New York.  Pitcher of the softball team,  Robyn Wampler plans to play softball at UC San Diego (UCSD). Captain and Star of the Volleyball team, Roxie Wiblin has committed to playing at the  University of San Diego. Although they will be heading in separate ways, one thing that the three have in common is that they all be playing sports at the college of their choice.  

In college, Delaney is looking forward to better competition and for the experience of playing sports. Wampler is most looking forward to being with the UCSD team. Not only does she know many of the players, but she also knows that they are really nice, and she is very excited to spend time with all of them. Wiblin is excited to develop her volleyball skills and to play in front of her family that lives in San Diego, as well as travel all over the country for matches.

After years of sports at Berkeley High, all three college prospects are leaving with  great memories. Wiblin remembers when the volleyball team faced Bishop O’dowd, and Berkeley High students filled the bleachers. Similarly, Wampler remembers beating O’dowd last year in a win which defied expectations, as O’dowd at that time was the best team in the league. Delaney’s memory regarded his accomplishments, including team MVP, first team all- conference, and first team all-league, which shows his lacrosse prowess.

When asked if they had any advice for other athletes hoping to play sports in college Wampler said, “In order to play in college you must trust the recruiting process.  A lot of people give up on playing in college during senior year if they don’t have any offers yet, but anyone can commit at any time, so don’t give up on the process.”  

Wiblin said, “Don’t stress so much about recruiting and let the schools come to you. Anywhere you pick will be the right place. Also sacrifices will be all worth it in the end.” Delaney said, “Hit the gym because it works magic and if you really like the sport, practice on your free time by hitting the wall and shooting on goal because it really helped me out and it should be the same for them.” One thing athletes should take away from this article is to never give up.

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