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Congratulations class of 2020! As part of our graduation issue, we've written dozens of senior profiles.

Principal Erin Schweng Bids Farewell to Berkeley High School After 3 Years

Berkeley High MCSA Hosts First Mixed-Race Speaker Series

Berkeley City Measures E, G, and H Increase BUSD Funding

BUSD Board President Judy Appel Will Run for Re-Election

Berkeley Residents Protest Jewel Lake’s Worsening Conditions

BHS Students Volunteer at Polls During Busy Super Tuesday

Temporary Zoom Ban for High Schoolers Caused Unnecessary Complications

By Vivian Dueker in Opinion

COVID-19 School Closures Show Need for Better Funding in Public Schools

Whether it be because of access to technology, being in a caregiver position, or being an essential worker, across school districts it has become clear that while “we’re all in this together,” some students are clearly better equipped for distance learning than others. To assist these students, Berkeley Unified School...

Why Can’t Berkeley High Retain a Principal?

Within memorable history, BHS seems to have not had a principal last longer than a graduating class. Even before the mysterious departure of Sam Pasarow, BHS was unable to maintain a principal for more than a few years, one lasting only two weeks.

Oversexualization of the Human Body Damages Self-Esteem

There are many wacky traditions here at Berkeley High School (BHS), but arguably the wackiest is Senior Streak. During this upcoming event, students run through the school and into the city with no clothes on. Though it may seem all fun and cheeky, Senior Streak brings up a more serious...

COVID-19 Sparks Uninformed and Harmful Reactions

With the recent COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, heightened fear has manifested in selfish precautions and inappropriate humor to a racist extent. Reactions to the coronavirus have ranged from obsessively using hand sanitizer, choosing to physically isolate oneself, and buying an absurd amount of food in response to the possibility of a...

Public Servants Deserve Berkeley Housing

From the constantly moving camps of homeless people to streets filled with empty houses, the Bay Area is a clear example of a housing crisis. As more people move in, locals are displaced and forced to move into the suburbs in order to live at a somewhat reasonable price. Gentrification...

Lauren Huang


I am consistently checking my school email five times daily for fear that I might miss an important announcement.

Lauren Huang

The solutions are out there. There are things within our power that we can do to alleviate our past actions.

Lauren Huang
Lauren Huang

Celebrating With Quiet


February 28, 2020

Special Issue: Black History Month

AFAM’s Success Shows Program’s Value

Black Student Union Fights for Visibility

Dance Production Innovates With 2020 Winter Performance

Graffiti Club Works to Change the Narrative of its Artform

Nearby Ranch May Become New State Park

BHS Athletes Work to Stay in Shape Despite Spring Sports Cancellation

By Rachel Alper in Sports

Girls’ and Boys’ Rugby Teams Flourish

Berkeley High School (BHS) has a reputation for having unconventional clubs and sports teams. There is a hammocking club, a tea club, and an ultimate frisbee team, which is the best in the nation. Among these standout clubs and sports is BHS rugby. Among both girls and boys, BHS rugby...

Summer Olympics Risk Cancellation

In Wuhan, China, a new virus called COVID-19 — commonly referred to as coronavirus — has caused much confusion among doctors and scientists. Since that time, the disease has spread to much of the world, including Japan, the host of the 2020 Olympic games. The Center for Disease Control has...

Katie Sowers Inspires Athletes

Katie Sowers, have you heard the name? If not, you probably don’t care much about the San Francisco 49ers, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about her. She is the second woman to hold a full-time coaching position and the first openly gay coach in the NFL. Sowers is...

Ducks’ Sabrina Ionescu Shines

The University of Oregon women’s basketball team, ranked among the top teams in the nation, has been dismantling every team in sight. The Oregon Ducks are boasting a 24-2 overall record and sitting at the top of the Pac-12 Conference. However, while basketball is a team sport, the Ducks wouldn’t...

Athletes Should Be Penalized for Assault

For years, Berkeley High School (BHS) has struggled with a deeply destructive rape culture. Toxic masculinity and lack of consequences lie at the root of this reality. There is no universal solution to rape culture, but there are ways to start changing the narrative for future BHS generations. One necessary...

Reality TV Prioritizes Profit Over Participants’ Well-Being

Weinstein Verdict Spotlights Need for Change in Film Industry

Parasite’s Oscar Takeover Could Turn New Leaf for Ceromony

Billie Eilish’s Remark History of Music Appropriation

Impala Album Values Vibe Over Depth

AHA Art Presentation Showcases Small School Students Talents

CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla Visits BHS to Speak on Voting

On Friday, February 7, 2020, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla visited Berkeley High School (BHS) to promote youth civic engagement and voter registration. California Senator Nancy Skinner was also planning on attending, but unfortunately, a last-minute personal incident meant that she could not attend. A representative for Skinner said...

New Sexual Assault Policy Demanded at School Board Meeting

On Wednesday, February 19, Berkeley High School (BHS) students and staff spoke out about systemic rape culture at a Berkeley School Board meeting. Student organizers of the walkout, which took place the week before, came prepared to call the board to action with seven demands. Students spoke in succession, outlining...

YEAH! Struggles to Find Affordable Space Amidst Rising Costs

The future is unclear for Youth Engagement Advocacy Housing (YEAH!), the city of Berkeley’s solitary youth homeless shelter. Currently located at 1744 University Avenue in the Lutheran Church of the Cross, the shelter may be forced to relocate due to increases in rent and diminished space of their one building. ...

Students Walk Out of Class in Protest of BHS Rape Culture

Hundreds of Berkeley High School (BHS) students gathered in the courtyard wearing red and holding signs with messages such as “Consent is sexy” and “Enough,” starting the first phase of a two-day walkout against rape culture and sexual assault at BHS.

“Coffee With a Cop” Bridges Gap Between BPD and Citizens

On Tuesday, January 21, roughly 10 of Berkeley Police Department’s (BPD) and Bay Area Rapid Transit’s (BART) police officers gathered in the Berkeley Bowl Cafe for their monthly event known as “Coffee with a Cop.” This concept was created by an organization under the same name. According to the organization,...

Students Join Together to Create a Greener South Berkeley

Moving South Berkeley Forward (MSBF), a local group made up of Berkeley High School (BHS) and University of California, Berkeley students, is working on converting a section of the old Santa Fe Railroad, which used to run through Berkeley, into a green area for the community. The focus area for...

The BlackRock Protests: One Month Later

On January 14, CEO of BlackRock Larry Fink announced in a letter to the company’s clients and board that they are going to focus on more sustainable investments. BlackRock is the world’s largest management investment company that currently manages a portfolio of approximately $7 trillion. On December 6, a month...

BART Appoints New Police Chief to Foster A Safer Environment

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) recently announced the appointment of a new Chief of Police, Ed Alvarez. As crime in and around BART stations has surged, this move reflects their ambition to improve safety for it’s hundreds of thousands of daily passengers. BART has stations in many major Bay Area...

New California Legislation Targets College Admissions Process

As January comes to a close, the focus of high school students across the world has increasingly turned to college. Students across the country are finding the college admissions system unfair and inequitable. This discontent came to a peak in March 2019 when a college admissions bribery scandal known as...

Uncertain Future for High-Rise Projects in Downtown Berkeley

Nine years after the Berkeley zoning law allowing 18-story buildings was passed, four years after City Council approved the building plans for one specific development fitting those requirements, and after a back and forth about whether the plans will be executed, the future of 2211 Harold Way is still uncertain....