Students broaden their horizons with gap years


“I really want to figure out who I am outside of being a student at school for the past 13 years,” said junior Gabriela Almeida-Gere. The prospect of going to college right after high school is limiting to Almeida-Gere, which is why she has decided to take a gap year after she graduates Berkeley High

For this episode, The Buzz spoke with students, teachers, and administrators about inspiring women in their lives, and about Women's History Month.

This episode was produced by Sofia Rodriguez. Interviews were conducted by Mariarosa Cerritos,  Willow Priforce, and Zazie Duchene. The episode was edited by Lucy Rickart-Webb.


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What am I?

Born and raised in the Bay Area, this environment is all I really know. I’ve never experienced somewhere outside of California consciously; I was only a child when I went to visit Honduras to see family.




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Outdated film and TV must opt for disclaimers over removal

Thanks to the rise of streaming platforms, old movies and TV shows have been given a second life with a new generation of viewers. Series like “The Office”, “Friends”, and “Breaking Bad” are very popular with young people, despite premiering before some of their fans were even born.

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‘Cocaine Bear’ offers gore, lacks message

In 1985, a bear did cocaine. That’s all that really matters. It does not matter that the bear overdosed and was found dead months later. It does not matter that this event came at the height of Ronald Reagan’s war against drugs, nor does it matter that the taxidermy of the bear, which still exists,