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Art Show Exhibits Inventive Explorations

Photograph by Marlena Raines

The Interdisciplinary Art Show at Berkeley High School (BHS) displays all of the art made by students in the studio art class. Studio art is a class which juniors and seniors at BHS can choose to take. The student artists work on projects all throughout the school year, and once every year the class holds a showcase for the students’ work. Every year, the students work to create their own original artwork, ensuring that no two of the annual shows are the same. The students have spent their whole year in preparation for this exhibit, and you can see all of the time, effort, and heart that was put into their pieces.

The art show is a place where the diversity of BHS is truly put on display. Students from all walks of life are able to tell their own stories through their work. They are able to tell the viewer things that cannot be explained through words, and are able to express themselves completely. The artwork is limitless, from huge statues to programmed keyboards, the art comes in every form imaginable. You get to know the artists and where they are coming from without meeting or seeing them.

Although the art does most of the talking, speaking with the artists is always very interesting. They are all more than happy to answer any questions, and are always appreciative of compliments. They are all more than welcoming and pleased to be there, making the interactions and overall vibe to the exhibit very relaxing and pleasant. Being able to meet the person behind the work really creates a sort of intimacy between the audience and the artist that no other museum or art exhibit can recreate.

After interviewing Molly Arzt, BIHS senior and two-year IB Studio Art student, the value of the art class was even further shown. Over the years, students are able to bond and create friendships that are strengthened through their artwork.

“We work all year to become a close team and do a lot of community building exercises, so by the end of the year it feels kind of like a family,” said Arzt. This feeling of community may be what makes this class so unique. Although all students are working hard everyday towards a common goal, the students are able to push themselves and their peers to new levels in noncompetitive ways.

“Taking this class was hands down the best decision I made in all of high school,” Arzt said. From the class, she was able to further explore that vast world of art, as well as develop her personal style.

The exhibition is a place where all are welcome and all will find something to enjoy.  The artwork has such a huge range of topics and styles that nobody could be left bored. It is astonishing that such young students are able to create such powerful pieces, and it is even more amazing that these artists are from BHS. The dedication and countless hours of work put into these pieces is easy to see, and being able to see your own classmate’s work put on display is a feeling that you won’t find from anywhere else. BHS Interdisciplinary Art Exhibition is no doubt one of BHS’s most interesting events, and the sense of community that is felt when walking through the exhibit is unparalleled.