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“Paradise PD” Entertains with Tired Jokes

Illustration by Elena Griedel

A bloodthirsty female cop, a morbidly obese man baby, and a drug dog who also happens to be a raging drug addict. These are some of just the few characters that we meet on the new Netflix television series called Paradise PD. A new cartoon series that centers around a police force in a rural Midwest town named Paradise.

The show was created by the same people who made Brickleberry, another adult cartoon show. It is similar in the way that the jokes, characters, and storylines are all kind of the same. They rely heavily on sexual jokes and drug references to carry the show.

The main character is Kevin, the son of the police chief and the mayor. When Kevin was young he accidentally shot his dad in the testicle. With that one bullet he condemned the police chief to a life of medically prescribed testosterone patches, with the occasional estrogen mix-up.

Each character is different, with their own backstory and motives. They each have their weaknesses and strengths, but when they all come together they make an entertaining story. By far, my favorite character is the police department’s resident canine Bullet. While being the drug sniffing dog, he accidentally got addicted to the very thing he was supposed to be against: drugs. Now, he is the workplace alcoholic/cokehead, who can be found camping out in the evidence locker or eating a bowl of cheerios with Jack Daniels substituted for milk.

Another character who  carries the show is Gina, the bad cop who has a method to her madness. Her main motivation is to cause pain, especially to criminals, whether it be a jaywalker or a murderer. She consistently inspires fear into their hearts to never do a bad thing again. The aggressive cop is not afraid to get her hands dirty, and as a result, she is the town’s best. In one of the episodes Gina leaves the town and has to be begged to come back. In her absence, Paradise went from being a cute little town to being run by crime. While she may not be a character of tremendous value to the story, she is important in the town hierarchy of Paradise.

One of the main storylines of the first season is the addictive drug “Argyle Meth.” It is sold all over the town by drug dealers, and manufactured by the secretive, nefarious man known as King Pin. In the last episode, the identity of the King Pin is revealed in a surprising character twist.

Overall, I would recommend watching Paradise PD. It is the perfect feel good kind of show that will give you a little bit of  a  laugh, and make you grateful that you don’t live in dysfunctional “Paradise.”