This article is 2 years old

Sliver’s Anticipated Return to Shattuck

Photograph by Estella Hemp

Craving Pizza? You’re not alone. Luckily for you, the Berkeley High School (BHS) student body will soon collectively be able to satisfy their craving with the extremely popular Sliver pizzeria returning to Downtown Berkeley in a new location. Sliver plans to open its doors within the next 2 to 3 months at 2174 Shattuck Avenue. Amalia Bialke, Berkeley International High School (BIHS) junior said, “I’m glad to know it’s returning because it was always an easy place for lunch with affordable yet high-quality food.” Sliver’s slices are just $3.35, and they come with their signature extra sliver on top, making them a prime choice for hungry high schoolers.

“Sliver will have even more outdoor seating with a huge patio area overlooking the new BART plaza which will include a stage for live music,” said Lauren Irion, Sliver representative, describing the new Sliver location. When asked about how the business plans to accommodate the inevitably long line, Irion said, “We know students have limited time with their busy schedules so we are going to make it a top priority to keep the line moving quickly.” Sliver also plans to extend the sidewalk in front of their store to make room for outdoor seating and a line. Tara Shahandeh, a senior in BIHS, spoke about the change in locations saying, “I think it will make Sliver much more appealing because it is closer.” The new location will be about a block closer to the BHS campus. “The quality of food and the portion was really good compared to other places,” she added.

Sliver is dedicated to being a “platform for organizations with a social conscience and bring awareness … to a variety of causes close to our hearts.” From helping many causes such as human trafficking, to making a student’s day brighter with their pizza, Sliver was dearly missed while it wasn’t by BHS. We know Sliver’s relocation is long awaited.