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Sugar City


Most people have never heard of the small town of Crockett, otherwise known as “Sugar City.” For most of my life, my close friend has lived there and the town has become familiar and special in my life. Crockett originated when Thomas Edwards Sr. bought 1,800 acres (730 ha) of land from Judge Crockett in 1866. Edwards built his home in 1867 and when other settlers arrived, he started the first general store in Crockett. Edwards’ home still stands and is known as “The Old Homestead”, a California Historical Landmark. I have really enjoyed this town and what it has to offer and I hope these photos clearly express why.

The California and Hawaii Sugar Company

The C&H sugar factory originated in 1906 as an agricultural cooperative with Crockett as its headquarters. The factory is a staple part of the town and is hard to miss while crossing the Carquinez bridge or just passing through downtown.

Carquinez Bridge

The Carquinez bridge connects Crockett to Vallejo and so on. This bridge is definitely a highlight of Crockett and one of my favorite things to do while I am in crockett is to look out at the bridge because of its large size and beauty.

Downtown Crockett

Don’t be fooled by the small size of downtown because you are bound to find very unique stores, food and art. Crockett is a very small and tight community, so expect friendly faces almost anywhere you go in this small town!

Residential/Crockett Fire Station

This part of Crockett is most familiar to me because I usually end up spending all my time at my friend’s house high up in the hills of the sugar city. There are two fire stations in Crockett and one is located in the residential neighborhoods and practically blends right in! The top of Crockett is a good point for looking out on the town below and out onto the Carquinez Bridge.

John Swett High School

My close friend attends this high school which lays in the heart of Crockett and is home to 565 students grades 9-12. The school has a long and old history from its founding in 1927, and with its mascot as a Warrior, it’s sure to be a pretty tough place.