SF 49ers Rebuild & Improve Reputation

The San Francisco 49ers have had some disappointing seasons in the recent past, but it seems as though the new team may be able to return to the National Football League’s (NFL) spotlight after being rebuilt. Coming into the 2019-20 season, it seems as though all the wishes from the past losing seasons are fulfilled.

The 49ers had gotten off to a hot start, charging into their “bye week” — a week without a game — with a decisive 3-0 record. It appeared as if all of the rebuilding had begun to pay off for the 49ers, yet the rest of the league was still not convinced that they were a real threat. Many claimed that their undefeated record was merely a result of a weak starting schedule. However, after playing against both the Cleveland Browns and the 2019 Super Bowl runner-up Los Angeles Rams, the 49ers were still able to walk away undefeated. Not only were the 49ers on their biggest start since 1990, but they demolished the Browns and the Rams, giving up a total of just ten points in the two games.

While the 49ers have no doubt made a solid name for themselves so far this year, it is easy to see that their main asset is their defense. With players like Dee Ford, Richard Sherman, DeForest Buckner, and the second overall pick, Nick Bosa, the defensive line has been unstoppable. While trades and new pickups can often result in uncertainty, all four of these players are the main reasons many games so far have been won. Bosa has become an absolute nightmare for opposing quarterbacks throughout the NFL and has proven himself to be a lethal and integral weapon in the 49ers’ system.

Now, with a 6-0 record, the 49ers are ready for a very strong season and a possible playoff run. They still have their persisting problems, with inconsistent offensive performance and lack of a true number one target in the end zone. However, the young team, in the midst of a rebuild, is still competing and winning at a very high level, making this season an exciting one to watch, and an impressive statement to the whole NFL.

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