Live Coronavirus Data for Berkeley and Alameda County

Update: We’re working on a large update to our visualizations, including maps; gender, age, and race data; and hospitalization data. Stay tuned!

The Jacket is tracking pandemic data in Berkeley, Alameda County, and other Bay Area counties. On the interactive features below, you can click on the label of a dataset to toggle it on and off. These figures are automatically updated two times a day using data from The New York Times, Alameda County, and the City of Berkeley. There is a note about how we created these visualizations at the end of the article. For the best experience, use a laptop or desktop with a recent version of Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari.

Berkeley reported its first case in the beginning of March. The city enacted a shelter-in-place order on March 16th, along with Alameda County and five other Bay Area counties. The first (and only, as of May 17) death in Berkeley was reported on April 8th. Berkeley High School has been closed since March 12th. Since then, the district has implemented a “distance learning” program with mixed success.

Berkeley: New & Cumulative Cases

This stacked bar chart shows the number of total cases with the new cases for that day highlighted in red. Click the gray “Total Berkeley Cases” label to see only the number of new cases each day.

Berkeley: Testing Data

Note: The City only releases weekly testing data that includes positive cases.

The chart on the left shows the total number of tests and positive tests over time. The chart on the right shows the number of tests per week and their results. The dashed red line shows the percentage of positive tests that week.

The percentage line is a more useful measure of the presence of COVID-19. Kaiser Permanente is scheduled to finish a West Berkeley lab in June that can process 10,000 tests per day. When that happens, the number of both negative and positive tests will rise. The percentage line will indicate whether the infection rate is changing.

Alameda County: Cumulative Cases & Deaths

This chart shows the total number of cases and deaths for all of Alameda County (including Berkeley), plus the Infection Fatality Rate, which measures the percentage of deaths per case. Like the chart for Berkeley, it is useful for showing the rate at which the number of total cases and deaths increases over time.

Alameda County: Daily Cases & Deaths

This chart looks similar to the bar chart that shows Berkeley’s total cases and new cases, but it shows something very different. This is the number of new cases and deaths in Alameda County every day, instead of new cases and total cases (for Berkeley).

Bay Area: Cases & Deaths Per Capita

Note: This data source is sometimes very slow and might not show all counties. All other visualizations should work fine.

This shows the cumulative number of cases and deaths per every person in each Bay Area county.

These visualizations were written in JavaScript. PHP is used to fetch the data from various APIs and parse it, as well as caching it to improve performance. The code is available on GitHub.