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Seniors are facing many disappointments as the school year draws to a close. Graduation, prom, and other traditional events have been cancelled or moved online. Brighten someone’s day by leaving a congratulatory message for a friend or relative, or for the entire Senior class.

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Dommybo!!! Congratulations on graduating cuzz! Look forward to watching you grow and accomplish your goals! You got it! Love you cuzz!


Our sweet Lizzy Whalen .. We are so proud of you and the fantastic human being you are. We love you and can’t wait to watch what you do next. Stay smart, stay funny, stay compassionate, stay silly, stay beautiful, stay strong, and stay you!

—Sarah Torney

To Lucy Montgomery- We are so very proud of you! Congratulations on ALL you have done! It has been an absolute joy to watch you grow into the young woman you have become. I wish for you a lifetime of spontaneous laughter, good books, moving music, and loyal friends as you continue on with your journey. Love you!

—Aunt Alice, Uncle Dave, Audrey, Paige and Rollie.

Dear Tessa, We are so very proud of you–not only did you make it through high school, but you did it with such great grace in the face of so much adversity. Congratulations and we love you.

—Joanne, Till, Corra, Theea

Congratulations, Faith! We’re so proud of you!

—Love – Granny & Papa

Congratulations, BHS graduates, from our entire family, including Daughter #1 (Class of ’89), now a therapist in Brooklyn, NY; and Daughter #2 (Class of ’07), an H.R. manager in Hampshire, England. We know you, too, are strong and smart, and will help make the world a better place.

— John & Mel, Allston Way

Congratulations to beloved cousin Muntazir Schilling keep it up lil Bro 👨🏻‍🎓❤️

—Ahmad Zidan O. Abdulap

Nico! There are no words to describe how proud we are of you. Through all the ups and downs you did it with style, grace and a wicked sharp sense of humor. Things may not have turned out exactly as planned, but you’ve had plenty of experience making beauty and fun despite unexpected obstacles. What a life you will have! We love you.

—Your Fam

Congrats Faith!

—Vincent Davis

Congratulations Class of 2020!!! Juan & Shirley we are so proud of the accomplishments that you both have achieved and so excited for the new ones. May God guide you both in the direction of happiness and success! ❤️

—With ❤️ Flores Family

Class of 2020 Shirley and Juan, we are so proud of you two. This is only the beginning. “To remain indifferent to the challenges we face is indefensible. If the goal is noble, whether or not it is realized within our lifetime is largely irrelevant. What we must do therefore is to strive and persevere and never give up.” – Dalai Lama

—Love, Mom & Dad

Faith- Congratulations! You’re done with high school but the school of life has many more lessons awaiting you. I’m happy for you. Your life as an adult is just beginning. I pray that you use your youth wisely and make decisions that benefit your future. Be bold and brave. Never fear education, life is full of lessons. Expand your mind.

—Auntie Coco ❤️

Ary – Congratulations you have made it to the end of one journey! Get ready for your next journey and use the lessons and friends that you have gained along the way. Dont forget your passion, that knowledge is power and that your family loves you. Cant wait to see what the future has planned for you. Love ya girl!

—Lerodic Welch

Congratulations Dominic! While this is not the way you’d expect the end of your senior year, don’t let this moment in time diminish your hard work and accomplishments to get you to this point. You are a talented, thoughtful and tenacious human who no doubt will follow whatever path you choose. Keep holding on to your dreams. Love you always! xo

—Mira, your favorite auntie

Lizzie (Whalen) – Congratulations! I’m so proud of you & love you so much! These are extraordinary times & you are extraordinarily resilient, brilliant, and an absolute joy! You’ve accomplished so much, grown, learned, experienced and forged a path forward with so much more incredible life to live! I LOVE! Congratulations class of 2020! Love, Ima

—Talia Rubin

Samoa, Congratulations My Nephew! I knew..well, we all knew you can do it. Your hard work, dedication and perseverance got you where you are now. Very very proud of you. Good luck on your new endeavors. Luv ya nephew

—Your auntie unang

Congratulations to the entire class of 2020! You all deserve so much more than this version of the end of this thing…but you’re doing what you can to make it through. You make everything look so easy with your 2020 style!

—Class of ‘86

Dear Olivia Chang, we are so proud of your accomplishment. It was fun for us to see you cheerily learning for enrichment and engaging with your school and community. You made many great friendships and gained valuable life experiences. We know you will face the future with calm and compassion through its ups and downs. We love you very much

—Baba, Mama, Leah, Kam, Bruno, Tulie

Congratulations to my Niece Faith Marie King, I am proud of you and your accomplishments! I hope you will strive to do your best! Continue to be positive and focus to do your best in what you choose to to do! Love you auntie Gin

—Virginia Galiste-Hill

Ary- Congratulations! You’re done with high school but the school of life has many more lessons awaiting you. I’m happy for you. Your life as an adult is just beginning. I pray that you use your youth wisely and make decisions that benefit your future. Be bold and brave. Never fear education, life is full of lessons. Expand your mind.

—Auntie Coco❤️

Congratulations to my beautiful niece Nadia ! I’m confident you can do anything you put your mind to. Wishing you a future full of success of happiness.

—Love ❤️ your tia Maria

Faith Congratulations on finishing this chapter! Remember that knowledge is power, love will not steer you wrong and that your family and friends love you. Cannot wait to see what your future endeavors will be. Love ya girl.

—Lerodic Welch

Dominic Sykes, Congratulations baby!! You did it!! I am so proud of you. The adventure has just begun! This is the most exciting time in your life! Take advantage of all the lessons that will come across your path. Please always remember your family has your back and we love you so very much. Cheers to you!!!

—Lindsey Sykes

Congratulation muntazir! Keep it up bro! Proud cousin here 👏❤️ Take care always!


Dominic Sykes! Congratulations on your graduation! You are an incredible young man and we are so lucky to spend time with you every summer at Stinson. Still hate that we aren’t neighbors… but the friendship is strong and you are a part of our family always!

—Jenny, John, Ben, and Alex

To Faith, Graduating class of 2020! We are proud of you, we know this year was a struggle for you, but you continued to see it through. You were able to intern at YouthRadio for 4 years, you learn about music. Continue to Stay Strong and keep the Faith! Love you to the moon and [email protected]

—Mommy and Daddy

To ALL the girls who have ever been a part of Girl Scout Troop 32197 – Congratulations!!! What an honor and privilege to have shared a bit of your journey growing up. We love you and admire you so much! Good luck as you head up the trail to your next awesome adventure as adults!

—Cathryn & Donna

Dominic – Congratulations on graduating. Your effort & hard work has paid off. Good Luck on your next phase of your life. I’m proud of you. Remember – $uccess $old $eparately. Keep working hard. LoveYa.

—Uncle Marco

Muntazir Congratulation and im so proud of you. Love you gwapogi

—Bap Mid


—Amir Sincere Randall 2020

Dominic, Congratulations cousin! You have the innate ability to set goals and achieve them, so stay persistent and keep your eyes on the prize. As one chapter of your life closes, a new one begins. Much love, see ya soon😍!

—Your cuz Jesse

Big, heartfelt congratulations Sophia Kiang and all graduating seniors. You did it!! May you go forth and use your energy, wisdom, and compassion to make our world a better place, and may you find joy in doing so.

—Dorado-Teigen Family

Dominic Sykes, You have grown up to be such an impressive man. Congratulations! On to the next chapter.

—Proud Godfather

Berkeley Technology Academy Class of 2020, Congrats on making it through one of the most difficult times in modern history. You made us proud, considering how many of you have had to step up and be responsible in ways that even challenge adults. Y’all are a special, talented group of people whose leadership will make this world that much better.

—Ramal Lamar-EL

Congratulations to our daughter Sofie Maurer and the class of 2020! 🎓🎉 Who would have thought that you start your journey into the world by already making history! Despite the weird ending, focus more on what you gained throughout the years at Berkeley High. You’ve become well prepared for all endeavors yet to come. We’re so proud of you! 💖

—Love, Mom&Dad

Congratulations Graduates! Help make this world a better place🎉🎉🎁🎈🎓

—Former student c/o 1993 (JB)

Congratulations to my 1st grand daughter Aryanna Symone’Hill-Braggs, I am proud of your accomplishments you have achieved! This is the beginning of a new start to do your best in what you choose to do! Don’t let nothing stop you from doing what you want to do! There will be challenges along the way but keep your head up and stay positive! Nana

—Virginia Galiste-Hill

Congratulations to my beautiful niece Aryanna Symone! You did it! High School prepares you for college & life, take the tools you’ve learn to the next amazing chapter of your life. Seek life. Work very hard. And find moments to just dance in the mirror. I love you for life Butter and I’ll be by your side throughout your journey!

—Jeneal Hill

Bianca Dal Bo: we are soooo proud of you and love you infinito.

—Tu familia

I’m quite sorry that all this occurred prior to you guys enjoying some of the traditional senior events but congratulations on pushing through it all!! You should all be proud of the things you’ve accomplished and f*ck it create your own prom/grad at home and stunt on us!

—‘18 former student

To Michaia: You were anointed and appointed to change the world. As you move forward to the next stage remember those who came before you and those who will follow you. We are so proud of you. Love Pastor and 1st Lady

—Pastor Dr. Billy G Dixon Jr

Muntazir, congratulations on your outstanding achievements. Grama Jojo can’t wait until you can come back and finish the puzzle.

—Aunt Nancy

Congratulations Dominic Sykes! So proud of you! This is just the beginning! #SykesMob

—Leon Sykes

Way to go Ary.

—Vincent Davis

Congratulations Faith!!!! You did it!!!! I new you could do it! Celebrate the hard work you’ve achieved and I’m wishing you love light and prayers as you step into the real world! Like Ary, I can’t wait to see all The beautiful things u achieve and discover on ur next journey work hard. Live life & don’t forget to dance in the mirror. Love you.

—Jeneal Hill

Hi Neenza! So proud of you for slogging through and making it all the way! Sad that you’re finishing up in these weird times, but it’ll definitely be a unique story to tell! Can’t wait to see all the places you’ll go and all the things you’ll do! We’ll be there to support you every step of the way and every twist and turn in the road. Love you!!!

—Iris, Jamie, Maya, Ravenna, Eliza, Sadie, Bonsai, Max, Henri and the girls.

Congratulations, Aryanna! We’re so proud of you, our beautiful and amazing granddaughter! This is only the beginning of your journey through life, and we will be here, proudly cheering you on as you achieve your desires. You deserve the best! May God bless your journey!

—Love Granny & Papa

Aryanna, You did it! I can’t believe you and Faith are graduating high school! I’m so proud of you, I know you will do great things. Love you

—Auntie Frann

Loving and lovely Jamir, So happy, my dearest grandson, that you have reached this milestone. Keep up your winning ways with the sincerity+quiet intelligence that is your great quality. Smooches. Love you, nana

—Judy Juanita

Dear Muntazir, It has been a joy to see you grow into a fine young man. I enjoyed attending your many swim meets. Congratulations, my dear graduate! Love,

—Grama Carol

Dear Lucy, Congratulations on your graduation from Berkeley High School! You should be so proud of all your wonderful accomplishments! We love you! Polly, Rob, Katherine, Emma & Tommy


Dominic Sykes, Congratulations! We are so proud of you! It has been an absolute pleasure watching you grow into such an amazing young man. We are excited for your journey ahead filled with adventures, experiences and fun! Never stop growing, exploring, learning, and challenging yourself. Much Love!

—Emily, Josh, Bella, Madi & Julian

Sammi!! Congratulations 2020 Grad!! DREAM BIG and know you are LOVED!! Sooo PROUD of you! Mama, Dad and Emilio xoxo

—The Chavez Family!

I’m going to miss you and your overwhelmingly inspiring intelligence Clara M. You made jacket so comfortable and exciting and you made my morning feel that way too 🙂

—Mia Hernandez

Cuzzo!! Much love from Seattle. keep on taking care of business and making the right decisions, the next step in life is exciting, scary, everything, but family Is always here for you.