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BHS Athlete Profile: Football Star Donte Searcy

Donte Searcy, a senior in Communication Arts and Sciences (CAS), has been co-captain of the Berkeley High School (BHS) football team for two years, and a varsity player for three. Searcy’s dedication to the sport is tangible; he’s been playing since he was seven years old, and loves the necessary combination of mental and physical strength. Although the BHS football team has struggled in recent years, Searcy says that “football is really about having fun, and making that play to win, even if it doesn’t always work.” Liam Marder, one of Searcy’s BHS football teammates, shared that “Donte is a great leader, he’s a core part of the team.” BHS football’s distanced conditioning, which started in June, was recently cancelled, so each player is working out independently. “We find our own ways to stay in shape,” shares Searcy, who has been working hard on his fitness. He feels that this year, the team is going to be “stronger than ever,” because “we really want to play … so I think we’re just more hungry, more motivated and they’re not gonna be ready for us.” Searcy plans to continue playing football in college, and hopes to one day play in the National Football League. To his teammates and future BHS football players, Searcy advises; “Don’t worry about nothing, just go out there and have fun, go hard and be the best you can be.” 

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