Water Polo Athlete Profile: Gil Gvisci


Gil Gvisci, a captain of the Berkeley High School (BHS) water polo team and a senior in Berkeley International High School (BIHS), has been playing water polo since he was eight years old, and his love and dedication to the sport is evident. “Me and my twin brother have always been in the water and surrounded by water polo,” he said. For the two years that Gvisci has attended BHS, he has been a member of the men’s varsity water polo squad, and has also played water polo year-round for Contra Costa United (CCU). As an attacker and wing player, Gvisci is strategic in the water and a strong player. “My biggest strengths are my vision of the game and my ability to set up my teammates for success,” Gvisci said. His love for water polo extends beyond his enjoyment of the game. One of his favorite aspects of the BHS team is the friends and community he was able to find. “The family community we have and the unity [on the team] makes us all great friends,” he said. Gvisci’s commitment and devotion to water polo have taken him far in his career, as he is currently committed to the University of the Pacific, which is home to a Division One water polo team. Gvisci believes that hard work leads to success and perseverance is key, two ideals that are easily seen in his accomplishments. Gvisci noted, “There are ups and downs in your career … but once you are able to overcome those [hardships] and succeed, all the frustration goes away.”