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“Super Straight” Is an Invalid Sexuality Rooted in Transphobia

The new “sexuality,” created on online message forums as a way to oppress transgender people has been connected to Nazi symbolism.

Straight male fragility is a forever fighting force to be reckoned with. The latest battle has to do with a brand new “sexuality” started on an online forum called “Super Straight.” The term Super Straight is an excuse for blatant transphobia and the devalidation of the LGBTQ+ community and shouldn’t be recognized as a valid identity.

Super Straight supporters define it as a new sexuality for straight people who are strictly attracted to cisgendered individuals. It is a blanket judgement of all transgender people, stating that no matter what stage of transitioning they are in, they are simply not attractive to some. 

 The label supposedly originates from a website called, “4chan.” 4chan is similar to other online forums such as Reddit, but with a major difference of being entirely anonymous. The origin isn’t entirely clear, with some claiming that Super Straight is a symbol stemming from neo-Nazism, created with the intent of Nazi conversion. This was backed up by screenshots shared depicting a Super Straight flag made on 4chan that utilizes the symbol of the Schutzstaffel, a former military branch under the Nazi Party. Whether these claims are founded in fact is unclear, because although it is undeniable that those flags were made and that the symbol “SS” has a large Nazi association, a precise date cannot be found for the posts. Another clear origin of Super Straight comes from TikTok user Kyleroyce, who made a video claiming to create the term. Kyleroyce has denied affiliation with 4chan or neo-Nazism since posting.

One justification many claim for this new “sexuality” is that it is a preference and cannot be controlled. This is completely inaccurate for numerous reasons, including the fact that transgender people come in all shapes and sizes, and it is impossible to generalize or label them as one appearance or personality. If the definition of your sexuality is based solely on the fact that a person is transgender, that is transphobia. There is a distinct difference between genital preference or fertility concerns and the firm belief that you are not and never will be attracted to transgender individuals. If a preference is rooted in bias against a marginalized group of people it is inherently problematic. 

The only plausible explanation for why so many straight men feel the need to identify with such a hateful term is to protect their fragility, which stems from their cis, straight, male privilege. They want an excuse to be oppressed, so that they can try avoiding being held accountable for their part in the oppression of others.

Fighting against something as openly transphobic as the term Super Straight seems pointless. Individuals participating in and identifying as Super Straight must know on some level what is wrong with it. However, the added impact of Nazi symbolism being associated increases the danger and harm. It is crucial to guide people away from neo-Nazism, and to point out when something like the SS symbol is being used. The already harmful damage of the transphobic guise is amplified by the fact that it could lead young people to falling into alt right Nazi groups.  It is essential to continue spreading information about dog whistles and possible attempts at Nazi conversion, as well as increasing awareness around transphobia and it’s highly damaging effects. Don’t let your friends, siblings, neighbors, etc. fall down the wrong path.