Athlete Profile: Jasmine Moreira-Cortes

Jasmine Moreira-Cortes, a junior in Berkeley International High School (BIHS), joined the cheerleading team for the community, and has grown into a leader of a sisterhood. Moreira-Cortes was elected captain in her first year. “Being a captain has taught me …that you always have to be one step ahead, and make sure that you’re helping every single person,” said Moreira-Cortes. She feels that cheerleaders frequently do not get enough recognition or consideration as athletes. “We practice four days a week for two hours, and … game days [mean] getting home at 11 PM every Friday night,” she said. Moreira-Cortes emphasized that cheerleading has taught her valuable lessons about self-advocacy. “I used to not ask for help … but when you’re in cheerleading … you create this trust, because you know you can rely on other people,” she said.

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