Buzzing Return to Jacket Home Football Displays School Spirit

On Friday, September 10th, Berkeley High School’s (BHS) varsity and junior varsity football teams played American Canyon in our first home games of the season. The final JV score was 0-28 and the final Varsity score was 14-33, both wins for American Canyon. 

Despite our losses, Friday’s games were an excellent demonstration of Jacket spirit, and the excitement of being back to football games with spectators for the first time in nearly two years. The coaches, cheerleaders, and players showed huge amounts of commitment and teamwork, and the bleachers were packed with passionate parents, students, and faculty. 

Jackie Ramsdale, a Berkeley High parent, stated, “This is my first BHS football experience, so I’m just excited to be here, watch the game, watch the cheerleaders, watch the coaching, be a part of the stands.” 

Not only were the fans enthusiastic, the turnout was impressive. Max King, a 12th grader at BHS and game attendee, said, “It’s exciting … I’m not used to there being so many people in these stands.” 

This game was even able to reach beyond the Berkeley High community. Judah Callen, a ninth grader at Albany High School, explained how he ended up in the Jacket stands. “I came to today’s game because it sounded like a good experience, it’s pretty hyped up, a lot of people seem pretty excited, and it seems like everyone’s having fun,” said Callen. In fact, the game drew such an audience that the Athletic Directors had to turn people away at the gate to comply with COVID-19 capacity restrictions. 

Friday’s energy is the beginning of an exciting season to come. Hasmig Minassian, a teacher leader in BHS’s Universal Ninth Grade, is also a BHS parent. Her son plays for the varsity football team. She set her sights on the rest of the season, stating, “I hope the kids feel like a community, and that they are communicating well and playing their best games. Feeling really good about themselves, but mostly that they are really doing that as a team, and not as individual players.” 

Players also expressed some of their own hopes and goals for the season. JV player Daniel Diaz, a BHS sophomore, shared, “My goal going into this season is to play as hard as we can. Our games have been alright, but I think we could always have more energy on the field.” 

Ramon Jackson, the team’s Defensive Coordinator, left this game on a good note. His message to all the community is to “keep coming, keep supporting these guys. They’re working hard, they’re a young group trying to change the culture, and they just need a lot of support.”

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