Artist Spotlight: Shai Eastman


One of the beautiful things about art is its multitude. The variety of mediums, techniques and styles are endless, as are the feelings art can evoke. Shai Eastman, a senior in Academic Choice (AC,) is as talented as art is expansive, and she refuses to limit herself to one medium. 

Eastman began truly exploring their artistic side when they took an Introduction to Figure Drawing class during the pandemic. They went on to take two years of IB studio art at BHS. Currently, she participates in theatrical spoken word, music, charcoal drawings, as well as painting with acrylics and oil. 

The different mediums of art carry different purposes for Eastman. While music is relaxing for them, theater is more about fostering a space of emotional expression. In her drawings and paintings, she hopes to create personal reflection for her viewers. “I definitely hope that it invokes thought, and that the meaning isn’t super clear, but you’re able to create your own perspective,” they said.

Eastman has a few works they are particularly proud of, often featuring important parts of their life and their values. “I have one in process right now that is a comment on reproductive rights and specifically parenthood from the feminine side and birth, and I’m really appreciating making that piece because it’s very intense and I put a lot of thought into it.”

While her dream is to study health and sex education, Eastman hopes to continue art as a possible minor in college, and regardless, will continue to create beyond high school.