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Athlete Profile: Phoebe Wells


Phoebe Wells is a senior in Berkeley International High School (BIHS) and a captain of the Berkeley High School (BHS) diving team. Wells is driven, dedicated to both athletics and academics, and is currently aiming to earn the International Baccalaureate  (IB) diploma. Wells took up diving as a freshman for PE credits and has devoted herself to the sport ever since as a member of the team all four years. Upon pursuing diving, Wells found out that her dad was a diver in high school as well. This is something that has inspired Wells in her own diving experience, and she appreciates the bond they have been able to nurture because of it. As she prepares to graduate, Wells commemorated her time diving, saying, “It’s very bittersweet. … I think it’s a great place that I will miss, but I’m also just excited for a new chapter.”