Athlete Profile: Sienna Prak-Perry


When Sienna Prak-Perry first began playing lacrosse in sixth grade, she was one of few players of Asian and Black descent on her team. At that age, she believed that she was an outsider in the Berkeley Bear Lacrosse community. “I saw myself as different,” she said. Now, as a member of the BHS Girls Varsity Lacrosse team, her perspective has changed. “I consider [my identity] as something that helps me stand out in a good way.” In addition to this shift in mindset, Prak-Perry has grown as a student-athlete. “I‘m proud of myself because I’ve become more confident as a lacrosse player and as a student because I’ve learned how to communicate my ideas and voice my opinion more.” Prak-Perry partially attributes this development to her teammates. “Having my teammates build me up helps me a lot…throughout this season we all have grown together.”