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Athlete Profile: Jude Rockafellow


Jude Rockafellow is a senior in Academic Choice (AC) and a member of the boys varsity basketball team at Berkeley High School (BHS). A power forward, Rockafellow’s experience with BHS basketball has been tumultuous. A knee surgery rendered him unable to play his freshman year. “It really was hard to watch all of my friends leave early for games while I had to crutch around the school,” Rockafellow said. Like so many other seniors this year, Rockafellow has struggled balancing school, basketball, and college applications: “I have to go to school, then I come home for an hour at most, then I’m back at school until 9:00 PM sometimes.” Rockafellow commented, “Basketball has always been a focal point of my social life. … Even when I was playing pickup in Spain this summer, basketball helped me communicate with people whose language I didn’t speak and who didn’t speak mine.”