Football home opener excites


The Berkeley High School Yellowjackets went up against the Miramonte Matadors on Friday, August 26. Per the game’s blackout theme, students arrived dressed in all black to show their Yellowjacket pride. 

BHS played an amazing first two quarters with “stout defense and explosive offense,” according to head coach David Perry. After player Jalen Harris exited with an injury, Zayne Brown came in strong on the defensive side, while Eli Moulton and Darius Thomas played “a tough game at offensive line,” and Jackson Harris made notable plays on offense and defense. 

However, despite those efforts, the night ended with a 20-48 loss for the Jackets. Perry emphasized that the loss will not define the teams outcome for the season. “Everything is very fixable. We need to protect the ball much better, eliminate penalties and march the field,” Perry said. 

Perry hopes to correct errors from these first few games by using the time between them to compile stats and discuss them with the team. Then, Perry plans to type up a practice schedule with points of emphasis for the week to look over. From this, they will create new depth charts and figure out the best schemes to defeat their next opponent.

With said merit, Perry believes he will be developing a playoff contender this season.