BHS’s fashion culture has positive impact


Berkeley High School  is known for a vast variety of forms of expression, especially styles. Fashion trends naturally ebb and flow over the years, so there will be changes in fashion. 

“I think the transition into high school alone changes a lot of people’s styles because you’re just in a new place with a lot of new people,” said Emma Kittredge, a BHS junior, “You get a chance to start anew and have people see you differently, so I think you do think you see people changing their styles coming into high school.”

Coming into a diverse environment such as BHS may cause an even greater impact on people’s personal style, but how so? 

“Berkeley High (School) made my style better. I came into it being the kid in middle school with basketball shorts and now I’m wearing Carhartts and a puffer, so it’s improved a bit,” said senior Sascha Amendola. 

BHS freshman Josephine Smith said that BHS has made her try harder in her style. 

“Berkeley High (School) has inspired me to try harder in my style and wear jeans more often and cute tops, instead of sweat pants and a hoodie regularly,” Smith said, “Berkeley High (School) also has a common style of low rise pants and baggy jeans, which is a style I love and wear often. People at Berkeley High (School)also just have really good style and that inspired me to put more effort into my outfits and experiment more.”

Another common theme in the style at BHS is being more comfortable around others with similar styles. 

Freshman Ava Capen, said, “I think being at BHS has really made me more comfortable in finding my own style in the way of what I wear. I used to feel really judged when I would wear certain things that I really liked, so I wouldn’t wear them. But now at Berkeley High (School) there are so many people that are all really in tune with what they actually like and they wear what they actually like. I feel like being around this has made me feel more accepted and realize that no one is looking at you.”

Kittredge, shared a similar sentiment by saying, “I think it changed a lot. I used to dress a lot more modestly in freshman year, for sure, and then I started to branch out more in sophomore and junior year. I think I became more comfortable in myself and the people I was around and I knew a lot more people so I felt fine dressing how I wanted.”

The COVID-19 pandemic also had an impact on peoples’ styles coming into high school, especially this year’s juniors and seniors. Kittredge said she had a different experience coming into BHS because of COVID-19.  Senior Madi Nathan said, “I think it was a bit different for us because when we started we were on zoom and then like sophomore year everyone didn’t really know and then it evolved.” Amendola agreed, explaining how his grade grew in their style, finding out what they liked to wear, coming out of the pandemic.