Concert prices skyrocket, is it still worth it?


The prices of concert tickets have been significantly increasing in the past years, and it’s getting to a point that is ridiculously expensive. In the early 2000s, the average price of a concert ticket was under $50. However,  in 2023, the average price is at an all time high, at prices over $250. Concerts such as the Eras Tour skyrocketed ticket pricing, making tickets nearly unattainable. Resellers take popular concerts like that as an opportunity to make millions, selling each ticket for thousands of dollars. The average resale price for an Eras Tour ticket was nearly $4,000 dollars, and the most expensive resale ticket sold for a whopping $35,000.

As overpriced as they are, it hasn’t stopped many fans from attending the concerts of their dreams. BHS students have reported spending from $200 to $6,000 on concert tickets, with multiple students that even spent over $1,000. But as popular as the musician they’re going to see may be, is spending that much money on a ticket justifiable? 

Concerts can be a really rewarding experience. People get to listen to music live from their favorite artist, in a stadium full of fans that feel the same way. It’s loud, stimulating, and fun, and there’s often a sense of community within the crowd. However, as amazing and enjoyable the concert is, it doesn’t justify the thousands of dollars that it can cost. 

In addition to the resellers, inflation is somewhat responsible for the general increase in cost. As time moves on, ticket prices are going to rise and become more unrealistic. But this increase is also due to the overall production value. Nowadays, top artists perform in huge stadiums with giant screens and light shows. A lot of time and effort goes into the production, so it’s undoubtedly going to be expensive. 

Despite the reasoning behind the high price, the ability to go to a concert should not be this expensive. Having tickets that cost over a thousand dollars creates a huge barrier between the people who are able to go, and the people who can’t. 

The problem with these massively produced shows is that it’s extremely unaffordable and unreasonable for many. Even if people pay hundreds of dollars, they get a nosebleed seat in the corner of a stadium. If people pay thousands of dollars, they get to stand in the pit with people who also spent thousands of dollars. This luxury might be possible for a big fan, maybe someone that has saved up, or cares a lot about seeing the musician live. But not everyone has the luxury to that choice. When it gets to such an extreme point, it’s really not worth it anymore. And there are other options rather than dropping thousands of dollars to be in the pit. 

Fans can get a similar experience for cheaper, with a less known artist and a more intimate venue. Newer musicians take any chance to perform live, and their concerts are often much less expensive. There are venues in Berkeley, like the UC theater, that host concerts for lesser known artists. 

As the costs of big concert tickets have gone up, there has also become many more ways to enjoy the music live. Live streams are more common, along with concert recordings that are available to anyone. Then again, despite all of the possibilities, it might not be the same as seeing your favorite artist in real life. 

Going to a concert creates lasting memories. If you are willing to spend a lot of money, it can be a worthwhile experience. If it’s not in the budget, there are other opportunities that are cheaper but still rewarding.