Crochet Club Spolight


“It’s teaching people the skill that they can use and take away whatever they want from it, but mainly just the ability to do it and having something that they can do with their hands,” said Aleka Vavloukis, who runs the crochet club here at Berkeley High School. This club focuses on making things using crochet and learning new stitches. 

The Crochet Club also holds an open space for people to sit and do art together. It meets every Thursday at lunch in room C-317. The Crochet Club was started last year but is now run by Aleka Vavloukis and Nova Duchateau who are juniors. When the club meeting starts, everybody eats lunch and gets out all of the necessary materials to start crocheting. They then learn new crochet stitches that they can use to make blankets, stuffed animals, pillows, etc. The club gives people a chance to just sit and have an open space to crochet and eat lunch. 

“People can come and just eat their lunch and have like a free space and access to yarn and crochet hooks if they want to make something if they can’t get those supplies themselves, ” Vavloukis said. 

Vavloukis also stated the importance of having a space where people can be happy to learn new things and have the opportunity to. 

“I think it’s important for students who want that space and access to learn the craft and be able to have that space, it’s kind of like a creative outlet,” Vavloukis said. 

The Crochet Club’s biggest work of art is a quilt that they all worked on at the end of last year. Each person made a square and every member worked together to put the quilt together.