Q&A with BSU leaders Winta & Muskana


Q: How does Black Student Union work with other groups on campus?

Cyrus: Recently, we’ve been working with the Habesha Student Union. We’re having a bake sale on February 11, at Fourth Street. We worked together for the Multicultural Week, and also the Club Fair. We’ve been collaborating because they’re a new club, and I think collaboration is fun. It’s really important to have communities coming together.

Q: What are Black Student Union’s goals for the future?

Cyrus: Our goal is to create a legacy, and make sure that everybody inside of BSU knows that they are capable of so much, and that they have a community around them of people who want to see them doing great, and people who want to have fun with them.

Q: What’s the importance of Black Student Union at BHS?

Tesfaldet: A lot of people look at BSU as a way to relax, talk, and just feel comfortable. So I feel like it’s a safe space for a lot of students, and anybody can join.

Q: What do you normally do in Black Student Union’s weekly meetings?

Tesfaldet: During the leadership meetings we discuss … what fundraisers we’re going to do or what we’re going to talk about at the next general meeting. And then when we have our general meetings, we tell them the plan, see if everybody is cool with it, and see what we can adjust. We always love to get feedback. We definitely want everybody to have a voice, not just leadership. We do a lot of trivia and Kahoot! kind of games. Sometimes if there are really important current events going on, we like to bring a spotlight on that and talk about that.

Q: Is Black Student Union doing any special activities for Black History Month?

Tesfaldet: Each day of the bulletin we’re going to be talking about one Black historical figure that we think is important. We’re also going to have a spirit week, the last week of the month, where we’re going to have different themes for each day. And then we are going to have a little celebration on the campus green, where we’re gonna have food and probably a performance. We’ll have games, and it’ll be really big during lunch. So if people want to stop by, anybody is welcome to join in.