Apology from the Jacket


The Jacket would like to apologize for gross misquotation of several sources in the recent article titled, “Students, staff battle messaging on BIHS,” published on January 13. We’d like to emphasize that this was not the intent, nor the fault, of the writer, but rather an editorial communication breakdown, and we recognize that we did not go far enough to correct and clarify the quotes.

We failed to place several quotes in context, and did not clarify that they were relaying rumors, rather than the personal beliefs of those students and staff. We deeply apologize for the hurt and harm caused to members of the BIHS community. We have chosen not to publish the article on our website, in order to avoid causing further harm and unnecessary attention to the misquoted sources. 

The article was meant to highlight the challenges of rumors related to BIHS, and we regret potentially adding to that challenge. We are regretful and deeply sorry for hurting students and staff.