Latinos Unidos Club plans to host Latinx Heritage Assembly


On Wednesday, Oct. 18, the Latinos Unidos Club will host their annual Latinx Heritage Month Assembly in the Florence Schwimley Little Theater. In the assembly, they plan to showcase various aspects of Latinx culture through performances. 

“Having this month is such a beautiful way to reconnect with one’s culture: the music, the food, the traditions or, overall, the language of being able to communicate with loved ones,” said senior Yatxiri Campusano Huizar, the vice president of the Latinos Unidos Club.

In the past, the Latinos Unidos Club has organized different fundraisers, hosted assemblies, and participated in Día de los Muertos events as a way to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month. The club has been a part of helping to bring awareness and inclusivity of other cultures to Berkeley High School for over five years. 

Isabel Nieto Gonzalez, the president of the club,  said that the club plans to have a variety of performances in the assembly, including a band performance, dancing, recitation of poems, and a speech from the Native Student Union. 

“We hope that these type of events gives a bigger perspective on what all the Hispanic cultures offer, and also to give Latinx students a chance to get their word out there and to say how they feel,” said Gonzalez. 

The club has been busy in preparation for the upcoming assembly. In the search for student participants for the assembly, Gonzalez expressed that when looking for performers, she seeks people who are interested in displaying their skills for others.  

Josefa Landaverde, a senior and the vocalist for the band performance, shared why she wanted to participate in the assembly. 

“I like singing and it’s an assembly about my community and my heritage, so I want to do something that will honor it and contribute to it in a way that’s expressive,” she said. 

Through the band’s performance she hopes to be able to share the beauty of their culture and their culture’s music. She believes that the songs will resonate with others and are significant as they acknowledge the diversity among people’s physical appearances.

Zarian Jacka, a senior and a part of the band performance, shared the band’s experience while preparing for the assembly.

“We’ve struggled a little to find people to play all the parts necessary for our songs, pick songs that we can manage, and make adjustments or arrangements where necessary,” said Jacka. “Once we get all of this organized, though, it should go pretty smoothly.”

Gonzalez added that, by hosting these kinds of events, she hopes that students will be able to connect with more Latinx students at BHS. According to Gonzalez, familiarizing people with the Latinos Unidos club can establish more opportunities for students to come together to learn more about one another’s cultures, values, and traditions.

“We encourage our club members to talk about their culture to other people that might not be that involved or know much about the Latino heritage, especially now because it’s Latine heritage month,” stated Huizar. “By this assembly, we hope to inform others about Latino heritage by showing cultural dances, poems, as well as singing. Embracing our different Latino ethnic backgrounds is our goal. We are really excited to present this assembly to everyone.”

Students who would like to attend the assembly are welcome to do so in the BHS Florence Schwimley Little Theater on Wednesday, Oct. 18, during school hours, with further details coming soon.