2024 Academy Awards: Unexpected entrances and emotions


This year’s Oscars, held on Sunday, March 10, offered a refreshing dose of light-heartedness, humor, and genuine appreciation. Hosting the night’s event was Jimmy Kimmel, who balanced humor with a touch of snarkiness, complemented by heartfelt moments and witty banter. While a few of his remarks may have veered into controversial territory, like his jab at Robert Downey Jr.’s history with substances, his presence seemed warmly received over the course of the evening. From the playful exchanges to the touching acceptance speeches, the event provided a much-needed escape and entertainment for its viewers. 

Highlighting the evening were memorable moments such as John Cena’s unexpected stage entrance in the nude to announce the category of Best Costume, Ryan Gosling’s dazzling “I’m Just Ken” performance, Rita Moreno’s honoring words to America Ferrera, Messi the dog’s accident on Matt Damon’s Walk of Fame star, and Billie Eilish’s poignant rendition of What Was I Made For.

Notably, Oppenheimer took home a whopping total of seven awards, Emma Stone gave a teary speech, and Da’Vine Joy Randolph moved audiences with her sincerity and graciousness. Cord Jefferson, a filmmaker who delivered a speech upon receiving the award for Best Adapted Screenplay, addressed the financing of small films and the risks necessary to reap their rewards, saying that, “$200 million movies are also a risk … Instead of making one $200 million, try making 10 $20 million movies. Or 50 $4 million movies … The next Martin Scorsese is out there. The next Greta’s out there … The next Christopher Nolan is out there.”

The highlight of the evening was the revival of featuring five past winners of the acting category to present the awards for this year’s ‘Best Supporting Actor,’ ‘Best Supporting Actress,’ ‘Best Actor,’ and ‘Best Actress’ nominees, a gesture not seen since 2009. This brought about exciting reunions and heartwarming moments to both the stage and the screen, bringing back memorable figures such as Lupita N’yongo, Jamie Lee Curtis, Mahershala Ali, and Jennifer Lawrence.  

Overall, this year’s Oscars were high in emotion, full of captivating performances and first-time wins. Viewership has been suffering due to a lack of interest, with a 2022 poll finding that an estimated 70 percent of American adults were disinterested in the Academy Awards. This year, however, could mark a turning point: according to the Washington Post, this year’s Oscars had the most viewers since 2020. While it was only a 4% increase from last year, it is still a significant improvement.

Another year’s ceremony has come and gone, and the Academy is undoubtedly eager to sustain and exceed this year’s success. Following the 2024 Academy Awards, audiences were left with great moments and a sense of satisfaction.