What’s your favorite place to hang out in the Bay Area?


Berkeley High School senior Charlotte Lee mentioned her love for nature in Berkeley. “Up behind the Claremont, there’s this grove of eucalyptus trees,” she said, “It’s great.” She also shared her appreciation for the Berkeley Hills, “It’s really pretty up there, it’s a great place to go on hikes and stuff like that,” Lee said.

Photograph of Olive Zager.

Madeleine Wilson

Berkeley High School senior Olive Zager had a specific spot in mind when asked. “I really like Albany Hill,” Zager said. “They have a really cool swing up there and a bunch of really cool wood benches.” She enjoys Albany Hill for its beauty and serenity, “It has so much nature, and just beautiful spots, and really nice hikes too,” she said.

Photograph of Mara Washington.

Madeleine Wilson

Mara Washington, a Berkeley High School senior, likes to spend time in San Francisco. “I like to go to Dolores Park when I can. It’s really nice,” she said, expressing her love for the big city, “SF is just really fun, I like exploring the city and finding new places.” 

Photograph of Sofia Dickinson.

Madeleine Wilson

Sofia Dickinson, a Berkeley High School sophomore, said that she likes to go to Lox Stock & Bagel, a popular bagel place near school. “Their bagels are really good,” she said.

Illustration of Aiko Iguchi

Madeleine Wilson

Berkeley High School junior Aiko Iguchi is new to Berkeley, so she is enjoying continuing to get to know the local area. “I love the beach,” she said. “With all the rocks around, it’s really beautiful.”

Photograph of Vera Libova Gomez.

Madeleine Wilson

BHS freshman Vera Libova Gomes said that her favorite place to hang out is Bay Street. When asked why, she replied, “I like to go and watch movies there with my friends.”