Where do you feel most connected to the Black community?


“I feel connected to the Black community here at Berkeley High (School) because I take African dance,” said sophomore Corina Blanton, later explaining the connection she gains from the class by being surrounded by other Black youth, as well as the appreciation she feels from others in the class interested in the art of African American Dance.

Photo of Stephan Mears.

Jahan Ingraham

“Talking with people that are of the same descent as me, same color… that connects me to the Black community very well,” said sophomore Stephan Mears. Mears also sees the Berkeley High School’s Black Student Union as a source of connection between him and the Black community here at BHS.

Photo of Leoul Getaneh.

Jahan Ingraham

“We all resonate with each other, whether it’s the way we grew up or the way something sounds we always find a way to resonate with each other. So that’s the coolest part about it. I guess it’s like second nature,” said senior Leoul Getaneh, expressing his deep feelings of affinity for the Black community.

Photo of Marquis Rutledge.

Jahan Ingraham

“What connects me to the Black community is having other Black people in the community helping you out with your work and stuff,” said sophomore Marquis Rutledge. Rutledge believes that this kindness connects him to the Black community because of how welcoming it can be. 

Photo of Shavon Johnson.

Jahan Ingraham

“Me. I’m a part of the Black community, (and) I feel automatically connected with everyone else,” said sophomore Shavon Johnson when asked what she feels connects her to the Black community. Expanding on her point she explained that a lot of her connection is shown through kindness.

Photo of Yamina Ratchford.

Jahan Ingraham

“Black music. I think the most I feel connected to the Black community is through music,” said senior Yaminah Ratchford. She also said that at home she feels connected by food stating: “I really like the food. I do like soul food”.