The Berkeley High School girls varsity lacrosse team is led by senior Lane Imen. As captain, Imen expressed that “learning how to implement different leadership styles and interact with different types of people has really been one of the hardest things, but also one of the most beneficial things (she’s) learned.” Imen said, “I take that skill to school and all my other relationships outside, and it’s kind of just made me a better person.” 

Imen is staying focused on BHS lacrosse after having to give up club lacrosse and BHS varsity field hockey due to a stress fracture in her back last year. “I think all of the difficulties and hardships that sometimes aren’t as enjoyable, become enjoyable when we get in season and get to make memories,” she said. She thinks the upcoming season should be a promising one with “a lot of new talent coming in, and the team has become a lot more developed than it has been in the past.”