Athlete Profile: Jonah Lachs


Senior Jonah Lachs began playing volleyball his sophomore year at Berkeley High. “I wanted to play a sport, so I went to volleyball tryouts, somehow made the team, and just fell in love with the sport from there,” he said. Lachs found a very strong community within the team, and watched firsthand how the volleyball program developed over his years on the team. Last year, Lachs had many extracurriculars he had to juggle alongside volleyball. “It was really difficult to manage, It was just about taking it one bite at a time,” he explained.  

He felt that his workload became easier to handle, especially during his senior year. “I felt like I had enough autonomy between volleyball, school, college applications, and my social life, that it felt like none of them were imploding on each other,” Lachs said. He sees that there are always new skills he can try to improve on within the game. He explained, “Sports don’t necessarily come as naturally to me as some other things do, so (I try) keeping in mind that it’s always a process, I’m always learning and trying to get better.”