Athlete Profile: Oona Capristo


“Play with no doubt,” is Berkeley High School junior Oona Capristo’s motto as a dedicated softball player of ten years. As a female athlete, Capristo noted that the sports environment doesn’t always prioritize competitiveness among girls. “I feel like a lot of young girls are not driven to do sports, or are not as confident,” Capristo said. However, being part of a team allows for Capristo and her teammates to uplift each other on the field.

Capristo has taken her involvement with softball to the next level after being invited to represent team USA in Florida with other talented softball players from various states. “I was surrounded by so many girls that were just like me, that cared about softball, and they were super competitive,” Capristo said, “and that honestly brought me up because I should be a little more confident too.”