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Apply to the Jacket

We are looking forward to hiring Jacket staff for the 2019-20 school year! As a student-run publication, we’re seeking passionate, hardworking, and engaged students to help us produce Berkeley High’s newspaper.

All applications are due June 8, 2019

Illustrator – Apply

Illustrators must attend one meeting every Friday and one every other Monday. They complete a quality illustration every two weeks, and have one week to complete each illustration. Their work is assessed and contributes to their Jacket grade.

Writer – Apply

Each issue of the Jacket comes out on a biweekly schedule, so writers are expected to complete their assignments every two weeks as well as attend lunch meetings (on Monday and Tuesday). The Jacket is also a class, so you will receive a grade for completing your assignments in a thoughtful and timely manner.

Writers will join the editors of a specific section and work with them over the course of 5 issues to create content for that section. This structure fosters close, supportive relationships between writers and editors and allows writers to hone their writing skills for a particular section. Personal preference will be a major factor when assigning writers to departments.

Photographer – Apply

Photographers must come to one lunchtime meeting every week and complete high-quality assignments every two weeks, along with occasional photo stories. Their work is assessed and contributes to their Jacket grade.