Applications for Fall of 2022 are now closed.


If you are interested in writing, journalism, and/or empowering underheard stories, become a writer on the Jacket! Being a writer allows you to gain skills in writing, interview diverse people, and assist in keeping the students at BHS informed and connected. 

Writers attend lunch meetings on Tuesdays, as well as every other Monday lunch. They are expected to complete an article every two weeks, and will largely work on assignments on their own time after school. Please contact Mimia Ousilas ( with any questions!

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If you have a passion for photography and creativity, apply to the Jacket to attend unique events such as games or performances, explore creative photography, and develop your skills through training and experience! 

Photographers come to Thursday lunch meetings every week, a folding meeting every other Monday at lunch, and complete high-quality assignments every two weeks, along with occasional photo stories. Reach out to photo editors Fiona Firepine ( or Isabella Tasso ( with any questions!

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If you have an interest in traditional art, digital art, or graphic design, being a Jacket Illustrator is for you! Illustrators get the opportunity to develop their artistic skill and technique, while also engaging with journalism.

Illustrators attend Friday lunch meetings, in addition to lunch meetings every other Monday. They complete a quality illustration every two weeks, and have one week to complete each illustration. Reach out to [email protected] with any questions!

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The podcast team puts out high quality episodes every other week that range from “word on the street” conversations to in-depth topics that deeply impact Berkeley High students. If you are interested in interviewing, writing, or producing, apply to join the podcast team! 

The podcast team attends Tuesday lunch meetings, in addition to folding meetings every other Monday at lunch. Team members will work to produce high quality podcast episodes every two weeks. Reach out to Podcast Producers Miriam Reichenberg ( and Sofia Rodriguez ( with any questions!

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Columnists write a 550 word column on a topic of choice every month or so, and write only for one semester on Jacket. They are free to write about a topic of choice, whether it be commentary on LGBTQ+ rights, or an advice column for freshmen. The columnist must stick with that topic for the remainder of the semester. All work is done on the columnist’s own time, as there is no meeting time commitment.  

Reach out to Mimia Ousilas ( with any questions or concerns!

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