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The Berkeley High Jacket loves to run advertisements for local businesses.

Please email [email protected] if you are interested in running an advertisement for your business in the Jacket newspaper.

The Jacket prints bi-weekly issues which are distributed to approximately 3,400 Berkeley High students and more than 200 subscribers. We also offer ads on our website.

3,400+ High School Students
200+ Subscribers
Teens spend $2,6001 a year

Business Card (3”x5”) – $60/issue
Quarter Page (8”x5”) – $120/issue
Half Page (10”x7”) – $190/issue

Package deal: four issues for the price of three

130,000+ Pageviews/Month*
1.3k Instagram followers
4,551 Average post impressions
150+ Newsletter subscribers
Teens spend 9 hours2 a day online

We also offer advertisements on our website. There are three advertising locations per issue.

Under First Articles (800x200px) – $90/issue

This advertisement appears under the first articles on the homepage. It stays at the top of the screen as you scroll down the homepage on desktop.

Left Sidebar (400x600px) – $60/issue

This advertisement appears on the left side of the homepage on desktop, and on the right on a tablet. This ad doesn’t appear on mobile devices.

News & Features – $100/issue
Opinion – $65/issue
Sports – $75/issue
Entertainment – $65/issue

You can also sponsor a specific category on the website. Your advertisement  will appear after the content on most articles published in that category. These advertisements will be seen by readers coming from social media posts that link directly to an article. All advertisements are 800px wide and 200px high, or any equivalent aspect ratio.

Editorial, Op-Eds, and Columns cannot be sponsored at this time.

Package deal: Buy 4 issues worth of website advertising and get 20% off a single print ad of any size!

Most of our audience from the Bay Area is from Berkeley and San Francisco. About 64% of our overall audience is from the Bay Area, 68% is from California, and 84% is from the United States.

2 Quartz
* Pageviews in December 2019 as reported by AWStats

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