Amelia Reed




Class of 2025

Amelia Reed is writer on the Berkeley High Jacket, along with a frisbee player, students, baker, and someone who loves to try new things. She is a student in Academic Choice, and plans to graduate in 2025.

A sillouette of a graduate surrounded (from left) by a road sign, a plane flying around a globe, and a piggy bank.

Students broaden their horizons with gap years


“I really want to figure out who I am outside of being a student at school for the past 13 years,” said junior Gabriela Almeida-Gere. The prospect of going to college right after high school is limiting to Almeida-Gere, which is why she has decided to take a gap year after she graduates Berkeley High

Student teacher Emma Zhao checks in with students.

Student teachers pursue BHS careers


“I could not imagine being in an office just sitting in a corner job,” said Elliot Robles, a student teacher at Berkeley High School. He described the best aspect of his work being students’ energy.

Word on the Street: Is there a mid-year slump?


“I think it’s a perceived burnout because at the same time the classes actually do get harder in the second semester, and I think that’s really the reason for the burnout,” said junior Theo Lemkin.