Ariana Yerovam




Class of 2025

Ariana Yerovam is a Berkeley High School student who enjoys writing, socializing, and contributing. Ariana is driven to make a difference in the world, and she continually strives to use her voice to make a positive impact in her community.

Three teachers are standing in front of a whiteboard with math calculations.

Dungeons and Dragons assembles party of BHS math teachers


Benjamin Nathan, Korianna Austera, Michael Weitz: Berkeley High School math teachers by weekday, and Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts by weekend. Beginning during quarantine, they’ve been meeting semi-regularly to join in playing the game.

Illustration of two people holding hands with the mascot of the republican party on one of their wrists and the mascot of the democratic party on the other person

Differences in political beliefs benefit friendships, community


Perhaps you’ve heard of the phrase “The Berkeley Bubble.” This phrase refers to the comfortable and sheltered atmosphere Berkeley provides regarding culture, social acceptance, and liberal politics.

Illustration of five different people, three of which wearing school uniforms and the other two wearing whatever they want.

Dress codes perpetuate sexism and prevent self-expression: It is time for change


According to a study by OCAD University, 73 percent of Gen Z believe they need more self-expression to live a happy, healthy life. Self-expression can come in many forms, one being appearance.

Illustrations of two people talking next to a large piggy bank with a lock on it.

BHS clubs need access to BUSD funding


Berkeley High School offers over 100 registered, student-run clubs. From the StageCraft club, which seeks to raise funds to support on-campus productions, to the Supporting Girls Education club, which strives to monetarily support organizations furthering female education, many of these clubs require funding.

The chess spot served as a community hub.

City shuts down chess spot on Telegraph


The corner of Telegraph Ave. and Haste St. in Berkeley is a historical place, steeped in meaning. It was previously known as “Cody’s Free Speech Corner,” after Pat Cody, the late owner of Cody’s Books, which resided on Telegraph Ave.

Club leaders set up stands to present to other students.

BHS organizes the annual fall Club Fair


On Thursday, Sept. 7 2023, BHS students attended the annual Club Fair to learn about and join the diverse selection of student-run clubs at BHS.  Clubs covered a variety of topics from STEM, to surfing and animal welfare.

Boy holding heart with song-writing and composing materials with broken hearts in the background

Teen relationships build social pressures


​​It seems that for most people when they eventually forget every bit of information from a highschool math class, they still remember with perfect clarity their first high school relationship.

A student overwhelmed with math.

Student access to IEP and 504 plans must be improved at BHS


In all environments, particularly academic ones, there is not always a general plan suitable for all different kinds of people and learners. This is why more specific and specialized plans such as 504s and Individual Education Plans are necessary to provide a comfortable, effective learning environment for all students so that they can thrive.

A gun in one hand, and a pencil in the other.

The fight to end gun violence should not fall on highschoolers


Gun violence is an issue that affects all people and generations, including children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly, which does not mean it should be left for only younger generations to deal with.

A man posing

Toxic masculinity on campus harms entire BHS community


A diverse and random sample of 100 Berkeley High School students from all grades and Small Learning Communities were asked to answer “Yes” or “No” to “Does BHS have a toxic masculinity issue?” Of the people surveyed, 69 percent responded with “Yes,” asserting that it is an issue at BHS, while the other 31 percent

Thanksgiving dinner: a time for family, not politics


Steaming mashed potatoes, rich turkey, delicious assortments of green beans, gravy, bread, and… politics? While politics are a fundamental aspect of society it can be necessary to look past conflicting political beliefs when acknowledging an individual.

Chris Kindness playing the guitar

Chris Kindness Award inspires


Alan Ross, a Berkeley resident and current Berkeley High School parent, is the founder of a recent, local project called the Chris Kindness Award. The Chris Kindness Award is an award that honors and commemorates people who have positively influenced the community regardless of their age, profile, or how big or small their impacts are.

Students Protesting for Reproductive Rights

Teen Reproductive Justice Club protests for abortion rights


On Wednesday, September 28, Paola Bedolla Garcia, a senior in Berkeley International High School, together with the Berkeley High School Teen Reproductive Justice Club, organized and led a schoolwide reproductive rights protest.  Garcia said her initial motivation to hold the protest was based on fears that abortion restrictions provided.  “I have a little sister,

Longfellow Middle School

BUSD establishes Longfellow enrollment zone to increase diversity


On June 15, the Berkeley School Board unanimously voted to add a third enrollment zone for Longfellow Middle School, in an effort to desegregate the BUSD public middle schools.

map of the US being crossed out

College applicants grapple with the overturning of Roe v.Wade 


Roe v. Wade was a Supreme Court ruling made in 1973 that legalized abortion nationally. It was overturned on June 24, 2022, giving individual states the right to criminalize abortion.   Many students at BHS experience their views being reciprocated by the local government.

Benjamin Nathan is a Berkeley High School wrestling coach and 11th grade math teacher

Then and Now: BHS Teachers in Athletics


Benjamin Nathan, a Berkeley High School wrestling coach and 11th grade math teacher, attended North Springs High in Atlanta, Georgia. Nathan played on his school’s wrestling and tennis teams for all four years and participated in football as well.

Athlete Profile: Phoebe Wells


Phoebe Wells is a senior in Berkeley International High School and a captain of the Berkeley High School diving team. Wells is driven, dedicated to both athletics and academics, and is currently aiming to earn the International Baccalaureate  diploma.

Megan Melgaard will step into the role of BHS head swim coach starting this season.

Megan Melgaard, Seasoned Athlete, Is New Swim Coach


This year, Megan Melgaard, a seasoned athlete, swimmer, and coach, is excited to share her knowledge with students as she begins her first year as a Berkeley High School head swim coach.