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Jessica Hipona and other students operate tables at Multicultural Week.

Berkeley High hosts Multicultural Week


Monday, Nov. 13, 2023, marked the first day of Berkeley High School’s Multicultural Week, a school-wide event celebrating the variety of cultures and cultural clubs at BHS.

illustration depicting the rising financial costs of college.

Early decision deadlines looming: Students weigh their options


November marks the time when students rush to submit their early action and early decision applications for college. At Berkeley High School, seniors applying to college consider a myriad of financial and personal factors as they navigate the application process.

A person in a beach chair surrounded by floating homework sheets.

Homework free breaks help student stress


Whether it’s Thanksgiving or winter break, many students find that a large amount of their time during school breaks is spent doing homework or studying.

An illustration of a string instrument, a football, a paintbrush, and a photo.

Extracurriculars lead to personal growth 


Getting into college is becoming harder and harder. With prestigious colleges often averaging less than a 10 percent acceptance rate, students may feel the need to take as many AP classes as they can and get the best grades possible, in order to maximize their chances of acceptance.

Art of many flags.

All Latinx cultures deserve to be celebrated and appreciated


There are 33 countries in Latin America in the world. 33 different cultures each with their own different type of food, music, dance, language, and way of life.

Juvenile violence harms communities, Berkeley High School must get involved


On Sunday, Aug. 27, 2023, hundreds of kids broke out into fights near Emeryville’s AMC theater.  It was the day of AMC’s four dollar movie ticket sale, and the streets were flooded with up to four hundred kids, who then broke out into violence.  According to ABC7 News, one shot was fired and one juvenile