Bennett Thompson



Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks at Richmond’s Craneway Pavilion.

Early Primary Date Excludes Young Voters


Every four years, American culture is consumed by the election of our next president. The process for this is well-known. First, each party holds a series of state primaries and caucuses to decide their nominee, then the two nominees run against each other in a national election.

The United States Cannot Solve Honk Kong


Since June of 2019, the city of Hong Kong has been enveloped in massive protests against the Chinese government. The protests stemmed from a proposed bill that would allow for the transfer of fugitives back to the mainland for prosecution.

2020 Vision Plan Fails to Address Racial Achievement Gap


Nearly 12 years ago, an array of Berkeley organizations, including the mayor’s office, Berkeley Unified School District, Berkeley City College, and the University of California, Berkeley, agreed to work towards an ambitious goal; completely eliminating the racial gap in educational outcomes.

Valid Political Opinions Require Research


When I visit my grandparents this Thanksgiving, I already know one of the questions they’ll ask me: “who are you voting for?” But when they ask me that question, they’ll probably be surprised by my answer: “I don’t know.” For a long time, I made a point to have opinions on everything.

Technology is Both Harmful and Helpful


When talking to my parents and grandparents, it’s common to hear remarks condemning the overuse of the internet, like “Maybe then you’d get off your phone!” and “Why don’t you read a book?” It really starts to chafe.

Climate Activist is Rightfully Denied Prize


Greta Thunberg is a 16-year-old Swedish activist leading the Youth Strike for Climate, a movement that aims to raise awareness about the dangers posed by climate change by organizing school strikes such as the one Berkeley High School students participated in on September 20.

Porn vs. Prostitution: Merit or Money


Pornography is extremely widespread in American society, especially amoung the youth. According to The Journal of Sex Research, almost all male students and slightly over half of all female students have watched pornographic films in the past six months.

BHS Administration Must Act on Student E-Cigarette Usage


If you go to Berkeley High School, there is a near certainty that you’re familiar with e-cigarettes commonly known as vapes. You are also likely to have heard reports of several vaping-related deaths occurring nationwide.

Elizabeth Warren Can Successfully Lead the American People


After the 2016 presidential election, protests erupted nationwide. Supporters of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, were afraid and outraged by the election of Donald Trump.

Recent California Legislation Combats Skepticism Surrounding Vaccinations


In 2000, the disease measles was declared to have been largely eradicated thanks to expanded vaccination. At the peak of measles before vaccinations began, more than four hundred people died from it each year.

College Pressure Derails Students’ Goals


As this high school year heads towards its conclusion, juniors and especially seniors are beginning to look towards the next stages of their lives: college.

Leadership Should Prioritize Local Issues


It is two weeks until voting, and Berkeley High School’s campaign season is in full swing. Over 70 candidates are running for positions like Associated Student Body president and Vice President, Chief of Service, and Chief of Publicity.