Charlie Tamagno




Class of 2024

Charlie Tamagno is writer for the BHS Jacket. They also row for the BHS crew team. An avid lover of frogs, they also enjoy art and creative writing.

AMPS is one of five small schools at BHS.

SLCs require more accessible AP classes


For most Berkeley High School students, taking AP classes is a simple choice they task themselves with when choosing their schedules for the next school year.

Maya Hill

Word on the Street: Have You Ever had a Crush on a Friend?


Maya Hill, a senior, said, “I had a crush on my best friend.” She told her and ended up being rejected. In response to the rejection, however, Hill said, “I think that it helped me move on, because if I hadn’t told her I would’ve kept thinking about it without doing anything.” Adrienne Melodia has

Hands playing trumpet with musical notes in the background.

BHS JazzGirls Day develops outreach to prospective students


“We were not being reflected in the world of jazz at Berkeley High, or anywhere in the world of jazz, frankly.” Sarah Cline, BHS Jazz teacher Jazz music swept through the A Building on Saturday, March 4.

Lack of diversity isolates Black students attending private schools


4.7 million students in the U.S. were enrolled in private schools in fall of 2019. In comparison, nearly 50 million students attended public schools. Of this population of private school students, just 9 percent identified as Black, according to the National Center for Education Statistics

Students without phones navigate socially


Sevan Minassian-Godner, a Berkeley High School senior, has used a flip phone for nearly a year. After going to a school retreat in February 2022, he realized how glued people had been to their phones.  “There were people at tables eating or sitting at tables who were just texting each other,” Minassian-Godner said.

A first aid kit box

Health center must be student accessible


The Berkeley High School Health Center was created in order to sponsor a healthier educational environment. It provides first aid, mental health services, and sexual health education.

BUSD must prioritize bilingual education


In many countries around the world, having two or three languages under your belt by the time you graduate high school is an expectation. According to a European Union study, more than 56 percent of European adults speak a language other than the one of their country of residence.

Berkeley Community College on Center st offers a cheaper, simpler alternative for getting a degree.

Stigmatization of community college causes harm to seniors


The paramount concern of being a high school student is what to do after graduation. Students usually have to decide whether to apply to four-year universities and colleges in their senior year.

Can BHS afford to have sick students coming to school?


Waking up in the morning with a sniffle or a cough used to not be that big of a deal. You would take a couple DayQuil and head to school. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, showing up to school a little sick was pretty normal.