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Laurel teaches the only AAPI studies class at BHS.

Mr. Laurel educates about AAPI identity


Matthew Laurel is Berkeley High School’s Academic Support Counselor and Asian American and Pacific Islander Literature teacher. According to Laurel, his role as the Academic Support Counselor includes the supervision of the College and Career Center and tutoring programs after school hours.  Laurel strives to be a friendly, familiar face, a helpful college adviser, and

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BHS students face hurdles within U.S. medical system


The closer teens get to adulthood, the closer they get to adult responsibilities like insurance, rent, and navigating the healthcare system. American teenagers face this dilemma uniquely, as America is one of few wealthy countries without universal insurance or health care, as well as one of the most expensive countries for pursuing higher education.

An anonymous person showing off their Zine

Zine making: A guide to educating and inspiring your community


In a world dictated by societal norms and social media, zines serve as a safe and anonymous space to express, educate, and share what you care about with others.

Photo of Corina Blaton.

Where do you feel most connected to the Black community?


“I feel connected to the Black community here at Berkeley High because I take African dance,” said sophomore Corina Blanton, later explaining the connection she gains from the class by being surrounded by other Black youth, as well as the appreciation she feels from others in the class interested in the art of African


BHS chiefs of publicity: Faces of the school


On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:34 a.m., the bell sounds at Berkeley High School. Students settle down in their second period classes as teachers turn on the projector and play the much beloved bulletin.

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The significance of piercings


According to a research study published in 2006 by the National Institute of Health, 27 percent of teenagers from ages 12-18 have some fashion of piercing.

Controversy of online quizzes


Who am I? This is one of life’s greatest questions, inspiring works of art, revolution, spiritual practices, and many ethically ambiguous self-help authors.   Humans are constantly trying to figure each other out.

Legacy of sitcoms: Comfort, familiarily, and a lack of diversity


In light of “Friends” TV show star Matthew Perry’s death, news outlets, magazines, and even podcasts have been looking back on the golden age of television, asking if it’s come to an end or entered a new and more diverse era.

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Holidays of all cultures must be recognized


As summer gradually turns to fall, Berkeley High School students are beginning to cozy up to the holiday season, planning their Halloween costumes and perfecting Thanksgiving pie recipes.