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BHS junior Zael Johnson poses with his skateboard.

Competitive skating offers a mixed bag


In skateboarding competitions, competitors can participate in a variety of categories such as street, park, and bowl skateboarding. They are given two to three attempts to complete their combination of tricks called ‘runs.’ Judges award points based on the execution, difficulty, and flow of the run.  Zael Johnson, a junior, started competing in skateboarding during

Peter Seibel demonstrates tau’s advantages over pi.

Bakers, mathematicians celebrate Pi Day


Pi Day, celebrated on March 14, is a celebration of pi, the constant that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The first three of the infinite digits of pi are 3.14, so March 14 was chosen for the annual celebration.

Photo of Orion Canaday.

Word on the Street: How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?


Orion Canaday, a junior, looked beyond the sweet facade of Valentine’s Day. “Valentine’s Day is a day that is very heartfelt, but you have to think about what intentions lie outside of the … aesthetics of it.

BHS students gain new perspectives, foster connections abroad


“Going to school in Spain opened me up to a lot of different opinions and a lot of different insights,” said Liam Graham, a Berkeley High School senior who spent a semester studying abroad at the American School of Madrid, an international school in Madrid, Spain.  For BHS senior Emma Claus, studying abroad at Hiyoshigaoka

Nathan Ehrlich cuts around a turn on his mountain bike.

Best places to mountain bike in Berkeley


The Bay Area is an excellent location for mountain biking, and mountain bikers at Berkeley High School enjoy the wide variety of mountain biking trails and areas that Berkeley and the surrounding area has to offer.  Juliet Distefano, a sophomore on the BHS mountain biking team, enjoys the flowy trails and beautiful redwoods of Joaquin

World Map with location icons in different countries.

BHS exchange students: 'A different environment'


Aiko Iguchi Aiko Iguchi, a junior at Berkeley High School, found that moving to Berkeley for her junior year of high school has given her a fresh start.

Adalilly Chu, a BHS sophomore, runs a jewelry-making business

Student entrepreneurs run businesses built on their passions


Berkeley High School students often go above and beyond in honing their skills and following their passions. Some students have even taken it upon themselves to start their own businesses and experiment with entrepreneurship.  Corina Blanton, a BHS sophomore, found a passion for baking at a very young age.

Angie Soto in her classroom.

New teachers adjust, seeking community


“It’s a lot of things to adjust to it’s such a huge campus compared to my old school … I’m trying to get the lay of the land, you know, what are the norms?” said Justin Valencia, a new Berkeley International High School Global History and IB History of the Americas teacher.