Elta Tracy

A picture of the artist holding one of their works.

Artist Profile: Miles-Wang


Art has become an increasingly competitive and critiqued field, with higher level classes demanding pieces fit impossible rubrics, and colleges looking for criteria within creativity.

‘Last Of Us’ adds humanity and emotion to the zombie genre


We all know the zombie genre; gory, lumbering, mindless monsters that attack bands of scruffy survivors after an apocalypse. Sometimes slow moving, sometimes fast, always bitten and stupid, the zombie has been used countless times for thrilling, if not basic, entertainment.

Berkeley icon Faye Carol uses jazz to unify


March 13, in Berkeley, California, is Faye Carol Day. Carol, a jazz musician who was born in Mississippi and moved to Berkeley as an adult, has made an impact through her music, words, and teachings.

Artist Spotlight: Shai Eastman


One of the beautiful things about art is its multitude. The variety of mediums, techniques and styles are endless, as are the feelings art can evoke. Shai Eastman, a senior in Academic Choice is as talented as art is expansive, and she refuses to limit herself to one medium.  Eastman began truly exploring their

Art teachers use holistic grading process


Everyone has heard the phrase “art is subjective.” Because of its subjective nature, it is very difficult to decide whether art is “good” or not, as its beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

The Sexual Harm Walkouts: Two Years Later, What’s Changed?


In the middle of second period on February 10 of 2020, thousands of Berkeley High School students left their classrooms and streamed into the courtyard, all in protest of sexual harm.

The proposed schedule would have 100 minute periods.

BHS Must Not Approve Block Schedule


Last school year, administrators sent out a survey to all Berkeley High School students, requesting their input on a schedule change for the 2021-22 school year.

BHS footballers prepare for their game at Jacket stadium.

BHS Sports Collide With Superstition


After playing in and winning the 1982 National Basketball Association national championship while wearing them, Michael Jordan alternated between two pairs of shorts for the rest of his career.

Local Climbing Opportunities Expand As New Gyms Pop Up


Throughout the country, the long-time niche sport of rock climbing is steadily becoming popularized. Factors such as the Oscar Award-winning documentary Free Solo and rock climbing’s Olympic debut may have contributed to this seemingly out-of-the-blue climbing boom.

The Coaching Boys Into Men Program shifts culture on the BHS mountain bike team and educates riders.

Coaching Boys Into Men Program Makes Promising Debut at BHS


The 2020 sexual harm walkouts were a monumental moment in Berkeley High School’s history. Many students hoped that it would be a turning point in policies, administrative measures, and the overall climate at BHS.

With the increased dependency on screens for school and homework, many students

Community Struggles With Increase In Social Media and Screen Time


Since the start of the pandemic, there has been a prevalent increase in screen time and social media usage. Students spend hours on Zoom classes doing homework, thoughtlessly checking social media, and watching Netflix.

Jupiter, a popular restaurant on Shattuck Avenue, is facing new challenges after reopening their indoor dining areas.

Berkeley Has Mixed Feelings About Newly Reopened Restaurants


Indoor dining reopened the week of March 6, allowing restaurants to serve a maximum of 25% capacity or 100 people indoors, depending on which is a smaller number.

Keguang Zhao prepares one of Cozy Wok’s vegetarian specialties at the restaurant’s kitchen in Oakland.

At Cozy Wok, Father-Son Duo Offers Delicious Vegetarian Chinese Takeout


Keguang Zhao prepares one of Cozy Wok’s vegetarian specialties at the restaurant’s kitchen in Oakland.  While most small businesses struggled to stay afloat during the pandemic, Dan and Keguang Zhao saw the challenge as an opportunity rather than a dead-end.

The non-profit is located at the James Kinney Community Center in Berkeley, and provides bilingual education and full-time childcare.

BAHIA, Inc. Bridges Communities Through Bilingual Education


Students sit at tables and play Uno, their sandals tapping the floor. Large groups are ushered across streets and down sidewalks to the community pool where they learn to swim.

The Connection Between Violent Extremism and Sexism Must Be Addressed


The new possibility of returning to in-person learning is positive on many fronts. However, it also brings to life a fear of school shootings that many students haven’t had to worry about for the past year.

BHS Community Must Ensure That Black History Month is Properly Honored


Every February, Berkeley High School plans events and gatherings to celebrate Black History Month. Due to the ongoing pandemic, in-person gatherings are not an option this year, adding an extra challenge to honoring Black History Month.

The Berkeley High School (BHS) baseball field has been home to some sports practices this year, but most other athletic opportunities for students have been eliminated.

BHS Should Eliminate PE Requirements During Distance Learning


Since the start of the pandemic, the lives of people across the world have been drastically changed: jobs lost, distancing from loved ones, and accommodations made for this very different year.

First Come, First Served System for PSATs and SATs Fails BUSD's Mission


Berkeley Unified School District has long strived for equity and diverse opportunities for all students, seeking to create environments free of discrimination and injustices.